Simon "The Leprechaun" Wales/Hooks

From Dark City
  • He's a good conversation partner in the bars, and even a nice singer apparently- even after several drinks. He doesn't like sticking to the same dives too often, so he's found his way into several of them. it would be a great place to stumble upon or arrange a meeting with him.
  • When something strange, unexplainable, or just plain weird pops up in their business, the Westies have him on a short list of folks to send in to clear it up. Not like he volunteers for those gigs- he's just apparently more likely to come out of it.
  • Don't mistake the big frame for a big musclehead; he can make for a good conversation partner, and he's needed to investigate weird shite more than one. Of course, he's also incredibly strong- but that's a given.
  • You need something? He's had quite the varied life, and has accrued a nice range of underworld contacts. Feel free to ask for a favor, a service, just so long as you understand the price of it.