Silver Valkyrja

From Dark City

Pack Concept

Silver Valkyrja: An NPC pack words words.

Sigrid Thompson - Deceased Ankara Dakota

Auspice: Cahalith
Tribe: Blood Talon


Auspice: Elodoth
Tribe: Blood Talon

Adowa Ibrahim Robert Chalmers

Auspice: Ithaeur
Tribe: Blood Talon


Auspice: Rahu
Tribe: Blood Talon

Is this pack recruiting?: No, this is an NPC pack.

What does this pack do?: Whatever they choose.

What is this pack looking for?: Allies and problem solvers.

What does this pack have to offer?: Extensive resources and contacts.

What can this pack do for non-members? Provide temporary accommodations to People passing through their territory, and bargain for information.

What territory does this pack publicly claim? South Bronx

What is this pack's history? Brought together under the leadership of Sigrid, the Silver Valkyrja has been hunting Pure for a long time. The tip of the spear thrust into Manhattan, this pack has shown no signs of slowing down and consistently pushes for a more aggressive rooting out of the Pure around the island of Manhattan. Having not lost any pack members since their arrival and having suffered little to no defeats, they position themselves as paragons in the war against the Pure. They’ve been fighting since they arrived and are more than happy to take rookie packs hunting as long as they know who’s in charge. Following them is a group of female bikers, also called the Silver Valkryja, who have established their MC headquarters in Brooklyn on their territory.

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Totem and Territory

Dark Blood on Steel

Rank: 3
Resonances: Motorcycles
Description: A silver Motorcycle shaped like a woman holding a wheel in her hands and feet, splashed in blood.

Local Effects

  • Residential Area 2
  • Territorial Advantage 5
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