Sierra Roen/Quotes

From Dark City
  • "Careful enough to think, caring enough to act, patient enough to teach. I think she's a wonder." - Lena Navarre
  • "An unfamiliar stranger in the dark. Her silence speaks volumes, a quiet wisdom more amplified than some of the chattiest people I’ve met. Hers is born in experience, I think, where knowing is more important than telling." - Marcelene Chalmers
  • "A presence unlike any other and never a dull moment. I'll be the first to admit that I wish we always meet under better circumstances." - Maddie Wesson
  • "A force of nature more than anything else. I hadn't heard much about her before I met her, I have more questions now than before." - Sean Sullivan
  • "How strange it is to witness her in her own world. How wild to see it's vastly bigger than just all this. She's more than a woman or a wolf. She's a force. And when she's gone, she'll be a fable. And people will have to believe none of it was real, because we hardly believe it now. But it is. This story is true." - Ruthie Romero

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