Sierra Roen

From Dark City



“Believe nothing that you hear, and only half of what you see.”
Edgar Allen Poe

With a mane of thick, dark hair and green eyes that hint at her Ashkenazi heritage, Sierra is often dressed in dark colors that let her blend comfortably into the background.

The Ghost in the City - Sierra isn't seen unless she chooses to be; even when seen, she is not always remembered. Maybe you've seen her somewhere before, or maybe you just think you have. Or maybe she's seen you.

No One Can Hide - She is a devastatingly effective tracker through both the Gurihal and Hisil. If you need someone found, she can help. Just ask really nicely.

Big Game Hunter - Gods bleed, too.


  • Slip Away - Sierra once clung to the human side of things, but that hasn't been the case for the past several months. Her Harmony has slipped further and further to the Shadow side and some people think she might not ever right the balance.

  • Ephemeral Sorceress - She has been taking the powers of the hith for herself for a long time now, and uses them like second nature.

  • Better Off Dead - She does not hide her contempt for the undead variety of supernatural, including the Kindred and Sin-Eaters.

  • The Bone Collector - Like most of her Tribe, Sierra keeps an extensive collection of esoterica around. This includes a disproportionately high number of body parts from a variety of supernaturals.

Wolf Form

  • Cunning 5 - Assassinated a number of prey from the shadows: Golden Dragon, the Claimed Jerome Kent, the Bale Hound known as the Brute, and more.

  • Glory 2 - Faced overwhelming numbers and defeated superior foes in both Syria and Ossining.

  • Honor 1 - Personal (albeit frequent) restitution with the Lunes.

  • Purity 4 - Spared the lives of many Uratha she might have easily killed.

  • Wisdom 2 - Trapped an idigam in Peru and mastered delicate, ancient ritework.

Alternate Identity ••• (David Gallagher)

Nobody knows that David and Sierra are the same person. Nobody who's talking, anyway.

The first time that David appeared among the People, it was at Chariya's boat party.

He was initially stopped by security, but he talked his way in, and later participated in Chariya's hunt.

He has never revealed his Auspice, if he has one, or his Tribal affiliations, if he has them. Suspected of being a Rahu or Ithaeur, or possibly an Anshega or Bale Hound.

He looks like he knows something you don't.

Her: Though rarely seen together, Sierra is with nobody more.

I'll be right here like your shadow is haunted.
Fenton: Full Moon, New Moon. Point, counterpoint. The Twins.

It's a long way down to the bottom of the river.
Zoe: Like a little sister to her.

Words incoming.
Chance: Packmate.

Words incoming.
Say Something

  • "Careful enough to think, caring enough to act, patient enough to teach. I think she's a wonder." - Lena Navarre
  • "An unfamiliar stranger in the dark. Her silence speaks volumes, a quiet wisdom more amplified than some of the chattiest people I’ve met. Hers is born in experience, I think, where knowing is more important than telling." - Marcelene Chalmers
  • "A presence unlike any other and never a dull moment. I'll be the first to admit that I wish we always meet under better circumstances." - Maddie Wesson
  • "A force of nature more than anything else. I hadn't heard much about her before I met her, I have more questions now than before." - Sean Sullivan
  • "How strange it is to witness her in her own world. How wild to see it's vastly bigger than just all this. She's more than a woman or a wolf. She's a force. And when she's gone, she'll be a fable. And people will have to believe none of it was real, because we hardly believe it now. But it is. This story is true." - Ruthie Romero

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Sierra Roen
Irraka Bone Shadow
Effects: • Primal Urge 7
• Spirit Rank 4
• Fame 1 (Kerberos of the Dhikraa) — Underworld
• Indomitable
• Closed Book

Age: 30?
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'10"
Occupation: Fugitive Recovery Agent

Renown: Cunning •••••
Glory ••
Honor •
Purity ••••
Wisdom ••
Pack: Relentless
Lodge: Endless Horizon
MCI: Murk Striders