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The Cellist
The Woman: It's clear from one look at Sibyl that she's a perfectionist. Her black hair is cut short in a perfectly even bob, with never a hair out of place. Her eyes are a deep, intense dark brown. Sibyl's snowy, freckled skin betrays long hours spent in the conservatory practicing. She's always at least a little dressed up - even her most casual outfits have a sense of elegance to them.

The Wolf: In stark contrast to her Hishu form, urhan Sibyl is a scruffy, wild looking thing with matted grey fur and plenty of scars from picking fights above her station. She's not a particularly large or imposing wolf, but her loping gait, sinewy form, and that fierce gold glint in her eyes impart a very special kind of dread: The Prey knows, as much as it may try to deny it, that they won't be able to flee as long as she can give chase.

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RP Hooks

Patron of the Arts: Sibyl comes from old money stock: her mother's a Long Island socialite and her father's an Upper East Side lawyer. Her family's long been known for their patronage of the arts. When she's not playing her own music, Sibyl can be found in concert halls and art museums throughout the Five Boroughs. She takes a special interest in classical music, of course - but any up-and-coming artist in the city who shows dedication to their craft is likely to garner her interest.
A Death & Co. Regular: At least once or twice a month, if not more, Sibyl makes her way to Death and Co. on a Friday night, to let loose a little. Even before her First Change, it was one of her favorite spots in the city. If someone needs to find her, that Brooklyn nightclub is their best bet. She really doesn't like to be disturbed when she's in the conservatory, after all.
Dedicated Alum: Sibyl remains thoroughly involved in her Ivy League alumni network, cultivating contacts and maintaining old friendships from Barnard and Columbia to this day. If you're a fellow Barnard Bear, and you need a favor done, Sibyl's more than happy to help.

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Sibyl Hayden
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Height: 5'11
Tribe:Storm Lord
Lodge: Lodge of the Screaming Moon
Glory 4
Honor 3
Public Effects:
Striking Looks 2 (Chic)
Fame 1 (Up-And-Coming Classical Musician)
Status 2 (Arts & Society)

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Played By: Neon