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Dressed in threadbare, cheap clothing and without any form of ID save a medical bracelet, Shae Mansfield is a mystery to themself. One more pretty face in NYC, right now they're focused on figuring out who they are and what happened to leave them bruised and bloodied in an NYC alleyway.

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RP Hooks
Blank Slate

Shae is tabula rasa - a totally blank slate to be formed by their interactions with those around them.

Things just seem to fall into Shae's hands. Other people's things that were most assuredly recently in other people's pockets, purses, or wallets.

Broke and without the memories to know if they have somewhere to stay or funds for their next meal, Shae is in desperate straits. Such a person could be useful to the more unscrupulous in the city.

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Shae Mansfield
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Age: 19
Public Effects: Striking Looks 2 (Friendly)

Played By: MalachiteDrake