Shadows Cast

From Dark City
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ParticipantsClem Barton, Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan, Jenny Nelson, The Vrăjitoare, Jason Jordan, Lyle Henley, Carl Nelson, Briar Shelly, Lisbet Shelly, Helen Wachter, Ralph Wachter, Erica Channing, Henley
Plot SummaryFour children once went missing in the dark woods of Appalachia. This is their story.


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The Nightmares

You have nightmares every. single. time. you close your eyes. That scream... what happened to her? Was it your voice? Sometimes they mesh. Sometimes they don't. The woods now seem like they're alive. Watching you. Waiting. You're terrified to return to them, at least after the sun has gone down.

The Visions

  • Clem:
    • Experienced the vision at home during the night.
    • Found their front door wide open, which then transformed into a sunlit paradise.
    • Encountered a woman with long red hair and blue eyes who beckoned Clem into a wilderness, replacing their house.
    • A sense of familiarity with the woman grew despite not being able to remember her.
    • The peaceful vision became sinister when the woman was found dead and brutally mutilated, hanging from a tree.
    • The shock caused Clem to awaken from the vision, falling off the bed and injuring their wrist.
  • Lucy:
    • Experienced the vision on campus while tidying up her classroom in the evening.
    • Saw eyes reflected in the classroom windows, causing her to leave the room.
    • Found the scenery changed from night to day, with a serene pond replacing the usual cars and buildings.
    • Met a red-haired, blue-eyed woman who led Lucy down a path through the woods.
    • At the end of the path, discovered the woman gruesomely mutilated and hanging from a tree.
    • The shock jolted Lucy back into reality in her classroom, suffering a severe head injury from a fall.
  • Henley:
    • Experienced the vision in bed at night after struggling with sleep.
    • Woke to find himself in a distorted version of his room and surroundings with a red-haired, blue-eyed woman present.
    • Outside his room was a forest resembling his Uncle Buck's property, but untouched by human influence.
    • The woman guided him into the woods, but Henley was conflicted between the tranquility of the vision and his fear.
    • He chose to harm himself with a lit cigarette to bring himself back to reality.
    • Upon waking, he fell out of bed and was in a state of severe withdrawal.
  • Hasil:
    • Experienced the vision in his father's cabin at dusk.
    • Noted an uncharacteristic chill and lit candles around the cabin.
    • During a ritual, was confronted by a supernatural entity that appeared as a woman with long black hair and dark eyes.
    • The entity touched Hasil and communicated a cryptic message to him. “Soon. Soon, blood will run again. I’ll need you Hurst. You will be ready.”
    • The interaction left Hasil exhausted and with scratches on his scalp.
    • Upon waking up outside, found a candle stick on his chest as a reminder of the encounter.
  • Repeating elements:
    • All visions happened at night.
    • All participants met a woman who appeared to be deeply connected to nature.
    • The woman had distinct features: red hair and blue eyes in three of the visions, black hair and dark eyes in the fourth.
    • There was a drastic shift in the environment in all the visions.
    • All visions ended with a shock that physically hurt the participants.
    • Participants woke up to find evidence of their visions (injury or object).

Swinging in the Dark

Orange and lavender spots

  • Clem conscripted Arlene to babysit them with Henley as they went on an acid trip. Henley decided to babysit while also on LSD.
    • As the drugs took effect, Henley and Clem started to experience hallucinations. They heard trickling water and music from the radio.
    • The house began to fill with water, and Henley and Clem began to lose touch with reality. The music from the radio became suddenly louder, blaring the song One Fine Day.
    • Clem encountered a dark figure in the kitchen, and was then pushed into the pool by the dark figure. They struggled underwater against a figure that seemed to be holding them down.
    • Henley was threatened by a figure that started with Arlene's shape, but became skeletal, its voice unlike Arlene's. It strangled him with a rope, and rather than fight back, Henley surrendered, preferring the chance that he'd die over the chance that he'd accidentally hurt someone while acting out against his visions.
    • When they awoke, they realized that they had both painted a symbol on various surfaces. The symbol that had been on the edge of clarity since they returned, the symbol that haunted their dreams. It looked like a cross cradled within a lidded eye.

Breaking into the past

  • Lucy and Henley rob the Historical Society
    • Lucy had travelled to the Historical Society and spoken with Jenny about unpleasantness in Grey County's history. Jenny demurred, but Lucy noticed her looking towards a locked door with some anxiety.
    • Lucy conscripted Henley in breaking into the Historical Society to learn what was hidden behind that locked door.
    • The two approached the Historical Society at night, and Henley's skills got them through all of the locks and security that barred their way.
    • The locked door led to a basement storage area, much like the one at the end of the Raiders of the Lost Ark, except so dank that nothing could hope to be well preserved there.
    • As they began to search for anything of value, Jenny Nelson stepped out of the shadows with a shotgun. threatening the pair.
    • She was drunk, expecting Lucy, but not Henley.
    • Despite Lucy and Henley's calls for peace, Jenny insisted that she knew what they were looking for a book that she had hidden. She claimed that Lucy and Henley weren't what they thought they were. Then she tried to kill them.
    • Henley interposed himself between Jenny and Lucy, telling her to run. He took the bulk of Jenny's shotgun blast to the chest, while Lucy caught a small amount that had made it past him.
    • Henley pushed through the attack and disarmed Jenny. Meanwhile Lucy hadn't run at all, she seemed to be communing with something Henley wasn't aware of.
    • Henley then felt something in his head, making him feel rage and despair at Jenny, that she needed to die for some grievance in the past. Lucy felt the same compulsion. She suddenly had a deadly shard of glass in her hand, and she attacked Jenny with maniacal bloodlust.
    • Henley managed to fight off the urge and instead began racking the shotgun, discharging shells harmlessly in case he lost control. Lucy seemed infuriated by this, and moved to kill Jenny herself, but Jenny pulled out another gun, claiming that she had won and that she wouldn't let *her* kill her. Then she shot herself in the head.
    • Lucy and Henley then regained control of themselves, the glass disappeared. They searched the area and found a book that had been damaged by fire intentionally.
    • Then something appeared in the shadows, pale, with a face of bone and muck. It ate Jenny. A voice, that might have been the same one in their heads echoed in the room, her commandment rattling both Lucy and Henley.
      • There will be more. You will be ready. And you will not hesitate.
    • Then the room filled with darkness and Lucy and Henley woke up outside on the grass, their wounds miraculously healed. They escaped, and learned later that Jenny had been found dead of apparent suicide.

A Row of Crows

  • One morning, Hasil decides to explore his father's property, spurred on by ominous signs such as a murder of crows outside his cabin and various ill omens.
    • On his exploration, Hasil finds a trail of murdered crows. The animals have been viciously killed, not by human hands but by a different creature. This trail seems to lead him into unexplored areas of his father's property.
    • As Hasil ventures further, a large creature, which alternates between appearing as a hawk and a monstrous black bird, confronts him. This bird is responsible for the death of the crows, and it seems to be leading him deeper into the woods.
    • Following the creature, Hasil arrives at an old, moss-covered cobblestone clearing with several graves. He finds out that these are the graves of his ancestors, including his father's recent grave. His own name is also on one of the tombstones with a note that no body was ever reclaimed.
    • The bird, which Hasil has a vague recollection of, seems to be waiting for a command from him. It draws his attention to the back of the graves. They bore the symbol they were all familiar with.
    • Hasil called the bird Asaph, vague memories congealing enough for some clarity, he assumed that they were connected during the time he had disappeared. He held an arm out and said "Come", and it did. Then he returned home.

Burnt Offerings

  • Lucy and Henley investigated the book they had found.
    • Lucy had spent more time with the book, finding a secret compartment where a sketch of a woman. At the bottom of the sketch, the name "Keziah" was scrawled.
    • Henley's investigation of the book was truncated to a simple flip through of it, but he did catch a page that seemed to have names on it. They were almost entirely illegible, but he did make out the end of one. It ended in '-TER'.
    • Henley and Lucy compared notes and came up with a shortlist of names ending that way, including the Carpenters and the Wachters. They figured they should start by looking into the Wachters.
    • Lucy revealed to Henley that ever since their encounter with Jenny, she had been able to summon a shard of blackened glass, the same one she had used to strike Jenny.
    • Henley revealed to Lucy that ever since Jenny shot him, he hadn't felt any pain, from any source, though he could still feel other things.

Henley Ran

  • It probably wasn't a good idea to go back into the woods at night, but Henley did.
    • Something found him in that darkness, and pulled him away from the world.
    • They showed him Keziah, the red haired woman, disemboweled and hung on display.
    • They told him that he had chosen to serve her.
    • They told him that they would give him everything he wanted, as they had tried to give Keziah.
    • Henley sassed the eldritch abomination.
      • Don't sass the eldritch abomination.
    • It left him with a warning. Soon, all would know what it wanted. What was promised. Until then, Henley was forgiven.

Hurst Huddle

  • Lucy, Henley and Hasil met at the cabin to make plans
    • Henley told Lucy and Hasil what happened to him in the woods and about Keziah
    • The three discussed plans to investigate the Wachters, deciding that Hasil will approach them to work on the cabin and maybe try to get a job, leaving Henley free to snoop around at their place
    • Lucy agreed that she and Clem will look into why the Hursts are not buried at Bethlem, and will talk to the Shellys

Of Owls and Opportunities

  • Hasil and Henley make inroads with the Wachters.
    • They managed to barter for the Wachters' services in restoring Hurst Cabin to, if not its former glory, then at least code. Maybe.
    • It seems that Hasil will be working with Ralph on the property, Henley will pitch in but is free to come and go, leaving his options open.
    • Henley challenged Ralph to a race, which will take place at night in the coming weeks, over a mile stretch on the highway with some friends keeping lookout to ensure both lanes are available.
    • Henley seems to have a good rapport with Ralph so far, who is definitely the more relaxed of the two Wachters.
    • Helen is more withdrawn and reserved, not very approving of the deal and preferring money over trade in labor.
    • Henley noticed the taxidermy collection was suspicious. It carries a brand and might be a clue, given how it was made and who it was made by (the Wachter's deceased father). He's worked out a deal to win one of the pieces (Owl Capone) so that they can study it further, though if he loses the race, he'll be doing hard labor instead.

A No Good Very Bad Day

  • Clem had a strange night at the Waffle House
    • A mysterious woman appeared at the counter, seemingly out of nowhere
      • The woman had dark hair, fair skin, and was very well put together and elegantly dressed
      • The woman seemed to know Clem, including their name, and Clem had an odd sense of familiarity to them too, a pull like their identity was at the edge of their memory, but with no real recognition
      • The woman disappeared, leaving behind only a strange water spill
    • Clem's experience of the encounter seemed to border on dreaming, thinking they were awake and being awoken by a coworker
      • Despite this, tangible evidence of the dream portions of the evening lingered
    • Throughout, the equipment of the Waffle House, though failing, seemed to be responsive to Clem's commands, pleas, and bargains

Discussing Plots

  • Clem and Lucy travel to Bethlem to discuss the Hurst family's situation with the Shellys.
    • Lucy lies to Lisbet, explaining that they want information about various family's histories for a genealogy project with her students.
    • Both Lucy and Clem feel the 'being watched' sensation coming from upstairs, even though they're the only two of the others here
    • Lisbet has no interest in telling either of them anything
    • Briar turns out to the the source of the feeling, and casts some sort of supernatural fear over them
    • Lucy breaks a glass and cuts her hand as a result
    • Blair tells them that Keziah made the symbol/hex, and that she's a Hurst.
    • She also tells them that she can see that they're all marked like Keziah was.
    • Lucy stands up to Blair, and then she and Clem gtfo of there.

Revelations At The Hurst Cabin: Henley and Helen

  • Henley and Helen work together on restoring Hurst Cabin
    • Helen was guarded and skeptical at first but opened up a bit to Henley throughout the scene
    • Helen implied that Ralph is exceedingly unreliable and hooks her into work while making it difficult to profit from said work with his generous deal-making.
      • Helen and Ralph are involved in some financial troubles related to their business, Wachter Hardware.
      • Helen took a loan from the Shellys and is concerned about repaying it. She says Ralph is unaware of the loan.
    • Helen questioned why Henley was present when her father, George Wachter, was found dead in the woods.
      • She showed Henley a picture from a news article featuring the scene where her father's body was discovered, and Henley appears to be in the photo standing beside Jason Jordan.
      • Henley believes that the person in that image is actually Lyle, not himself, and is concerned to recognize Jason, who had died of an overdose before the photo was taken, and had never, to their knowledge, disappeared into the woods.
      • Helen revealed that her father's death was due to a stray bullet, and she wonders why Henley and Jason were present at the scene.
      • She expressed that she doesn't believe Henley killed her father but suspects he may know something about the incident.

Dredging up the past

  • Clem and Henley travel to the Historical Society seeking new leads from Jenny Nelson's Widower, Carl.
    • Carl's information suggests that Keziah's story begins in the 1700's, around the time Jericho was founded.
    • He says that several families in modern Jericho were around back then, including the Clemmons (Jenny's family before she married into the Nelsons), the Wachters, the Shellys, the Hursts, and the Bartons, along with a few others.
    • He says that the journal Jenny had was filled with the things she had learned about the Hurst family and that she had been obsessed with it.
    • He reveals a connection between the Shellys and the Hursts, with the double whammy reveal that Keziah had a twin sister, Caitlyn, who married a Shelly.
    • He revealed that there was once a lake named Hollow Lake, which is where Keziah was hung and gutted by (seemingly) the whole town.
    • He explained that Hollow Lake had tunnnels beneath it leading into the mines, and that cave-ins had drained the lake over the years until it became known as Snakewater Swamp
    • At the end of their meeting, the Haint made itself known to Henley and Clem, Keziah's symbol filtering into the room through the windows. She seemed to be watching Carl, through them, and seemed very pleased with their progress.

Revelations At The Hurst Cabin: Hasil and Ralph

  • Hasil and Ralph discuss George Wachter's death
    • Ralph tells Hasil that his father, George, killed a buck with the symbol burned/rotted into its hide, then spent another few months killing the marked ones. No other hunters seemed to have seen the symbol
    • George Wachter was shot a short time later, mistaken for a deer though all bullets were accounted for and nobody was ever found responsible
    • Hasil asked for one of Ralph's hairs to work him a good luck charm, but the hair disappeared before he was able to use it

The Vrăjitoare

  • The Lost stumble back into the Arcadia
    • They are separated, each facing their own trials in Arcadia for a varying number of months.
    • Eventually the Vrăjitoare brings them to discuss their bargain and charge them with holding up their end of it. We still haven't heard the specifics, but it basically involved killing everyone from a bloodline that was involved in killing Keziah Hurst, 300 years ago.
    • Henley managed to strike a new bargain.
"Can't the last vestiges of this terrible atrocity be given a chance, on a case by case basis, to prove that they would not have made the decisions of their forebears?" 

"Can we not test them instead, that the black hearts be met with black ends and the true ones be spared the suffering that still beats within yours and the end that met Keziah?"
  • This may give them latitude to do something other than murder a bunch of people indiscriminately, but only if we work together and figure it out!

Into the Hedge

  • Henley and Hasil are lead into the Hedge by Asaph, where they learn much and don't come away empty-handed.
    • They learn that their time in Arcadia has changed them. When the glamour falls, their appearance has been warped even more significantly than it appears to most Ironside.
    • They met a changeling named Ingril, who is a sort of doctor who know much about the Hedge.
    • Ingril explained the concept of Loyalists and that she could be killed for associating with them, suggesting that the motley would be seen as Loyalists.
    • Ingril made them a Tea that has incredible benefits which Henley has stashed away after seeing what good it did for Hasil.
      • Ingrils Tea Card.png
    • Ingril showed them where and how to collect Somnulgard roots, which have useful properties that might be critical to their goals.
      • Somnulgard.png

The Left Hand Knocks

  • Jason Jordan comes a'knocking at Clem's door.
    • He is shocked to see how the motley has made seemingly no progress or even effort to make progress.
    • He reveals that the Vrăjitoare is impatient and that the deal will be considered broken if they don't get active.
    • He also reveals that Lyle is trying to buy them some time...
      • Henley and Clem raced to Channing Farm to prevent Lyle from killing the Channings.
      • They managed to save Erica, but not without making her suspicious about them.
      • Mathilda Channing was murdered, Henley found her body in the barn, it made the news.
      • Don was... replaced, or changed somehow. He gives off the same eerie vibe that the motley senses from one another.
      • Lyle told Henley to speak with Briar Shelly, and that she might be one of their best resources, being an enemy of the Vrăjitoare.

Hollow words and Hollow hearts

  • Henley and Clem seek out Briar Shelly with more questions.
  • Briar answered.
"The Vrăjitoare came into our world before it was under the rule of man. She fell in love with it and once... once upon a time.. she was a beautiful creature full of love and hope, and wonder. She wanted great things for this plane of existence." She said, twisting her cane and turning to walk further into the parlor, up the spiral staircase towards the books. They could follow or not, either way she would still be heard. 

"She left her world, a practical Eden she'd made in the image of Earth as we know it. And saw that we had killed the natives, shed blood in the name of greed and fear. We ripped open the earth and mined out its precious resources, and left her to rot. She was enraged. How fucking noble of her, innit?" she spits on the steps, letting the goo of her flem drip thickly below.

"And then she met a little girl. Keziah Hurst. Beautiful girl. Red hair.. blue eyes like the sky. And she was innocent and pure and the Vrăjitoare made a widdle-friend," she twisted the words to sound cutesy, disgusted by the story. "And she stayed outside of her realm, hoping this one would be better if she nurtured people like Keziah.. if she blessed her innocence, if she gifted her with magic for being pure and true." She stops at the top of the stairs and looks back. "And what do we do when others are better than us? Prettier?" she asked with a sickly grin, "luckier.. thinner, healthier, richer, take your fucking pick. We murder them. Keziah was hunted and chased for being a witch. For consorting with the Devil. Her promises to the Vrăjitoare twisted into a curse. Promises the real witch would carry out for generations."

She began to look over the books, her face drawing closer as her old eyes could not see as much as she wanted. "The only way to change her mind is to prove to her she's had it wrong all this time. Which she hasn't. She just fell in love with the wrong species, that's all. Humans are wicked vile things, no more capable of love and true joy than a belch is capable of smelling like roses. But by all means, put these people to test to prove they're better." She sighed. "Your fathers were working on another way.. but I'll have to have Lisbet find you their journals. All these books are a blur to me now."
  • Henley and Clem have been invited to help Lisbet dig their fathers' journals out of what may be a grave, referred to as Caitlyn's vault, and supposedly filled with ghosts.

Another Hard Knock Night

  • While Henley nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As of some one gently rapping, rapping at his chamber door.
    • It was not Jason, but the red head who Clem and Lucy had encountered at the diner!
      • She started with some bullshit about a broken car and needing a phone, but Henley saw through it immediately.
      • A fight ensued, one in which Henley was extremely outmatched.
      • Henley escaped in his car, sending messages to the rest of the Motley, warning them.
      • The attacker was alone, but when Henley asked about the 'Goth Fairy', she referred to her by the name Josie.
      • She walked through Henley's house and started sending him photos of his stuff, eventually texting him the message "How cute. You think you're real."

What's a little stalking between friends?

  • Henley gathered the motley together at the Quality Inn. Those that answered his summons, at least.
    • Ingril showed up, and revealed that she had her friend Chestley (a hedge-cat, kind of like Asaph) stalking them, which was how she already knew Henley was attacked and where they were.
    • The motley asked Ingril for help, and she let them know of the location of an abandoned Hollow that they might be able to claim in town.
    • Ingril also explained much of the basics for the Motley, expanding their knowledge of their general situation and the Hedge and its interaction with dreams.

Dead Man's Curve

  • Henley and Ralph had the race they planned, the stakes were either free labor from Henley if he lost, or Owl Capone trading hands if he won.
    • Clem worked her gift on the car to improve Henley's odds, giving him enough of an edge to win the race.
    • Since Clem was riding as Henley's passenger, Lucy decided to ride with Ralph.
    • The Witch raised the stakes.
    • Ralph produced some kind of magical token that he claimed Hasil had provided him, though Hasil did not seem to recognize it as his own work, but as the work of some other skilled hand.
    • Ralph had a vision of his dead father, or so it appeared from Lucy's perspective, causing him to lose control of the Nova.
    • Meanwhile, Henley was momentarily distracted by a similar vision of his brother Lyle, which he snapped out of quickly enough to inform Clem about and maintain control of the Trans Am.
    • Hasil seemed to have managed to break the hex or whatever with some quick thinking and an on-the-spot ritual.
    • The Nova crashed terribly, and while Ralph seemed fine, Lucy was terribly injured.
    • Henley provided medical care to Lucy, stabilizing her and dealing with the worst of her wounds before the Motley arranged to transfer her into Ingril's care.
    • Helen disappeared, with no trace of her at the wreck or anywhere afterwards.

Oh Brother Where Art Thou

    • Lucy meets Jason at their old camping spot in the woods. She's doubtful of her ability to save anyone, without knowing if Jason can be saved first.
    • Jason insists that Lucy is not even his sister - not even real, in fact - and attacks her, forcing her to look at the obsidian lurking behind one of her unhealed wounds.
    • As Lucy retaliates, a shadowy figure approaches the campsite. Realizing that he is running out of time, and that his words need to be chosen carefully, Jason claims that he will have his sister back only when Lucy is dead. Then, he claims that there is no saving the guilty, only those trapped at the Witch's side.
    • Lucy promises to help her brother, and reaffirms this with Lyle, who sends Jason away before he can say something that will have him hurt.

Tales from the Crypt

  • Lisbet Shelly led Henley, Lucy, and Clem into Caitlyn Hurst's crypt to help them learn the lessons of the past.
    • She opened a gate into the Underworld, a process which it seemed the motley's ancestors had performed over the years in their struggle against the Vrăjitoare.
    • There, Clem and Lisbet were able to conduct (very hasty) research on a series of journals written by their ancestors.
      • Book 1 (3 successes): She gets weaker and weaker the longer the curse goes on. It's clear she wants this over with so she can be back at full strength.
      • Book 2 (3 successes: The Barton line of Clairvoyants has predicted that only the final lineage members have a chance. Letting her take them sooner will bring the end in our favor??
      • Book 3 (1 success): Family lineage cursed: Wachter, Shelly, Jordan, Barton, Clemmons, Taylor, Channing, Henley, Hurst.
      • Book 4 (2 successes): True Fae, the hedge. Thorns? ESCAPABLE. Every fae has something that will hurt them. She must have something!!!
      • Book 5 (Failure): Mostly drawings that make no sense.
      • Book 6 (3 successes): Icons: Pieces of a soul that are detached via fae magic or the Thorns themselves. Recoverable, but at what cost?
      • Book 7 (2 successes): The Vrăjitoare gave up an icon to create the curse. We must find it to destroy the curse. The last of the lineage are foreseen to find it. The sooner we get to the end, the sooner it will be over.
      • Book 8 (3 successes): ???
      • Book 9 (Unread): ??? (Clem secretly stole this book)
      • Book 10 (Unreachable): ???
    • The Vrăjitoare has ordered her left and right hands to destroy these books at any opportunity, so book 9 is particularly at risk and puts whoever has it in danger.
    • Lucy and Henley accidentally drank from the River they found in the Underworld, and acquired a version of the Echoes condition.

Forbidden Knowledge

  • Clem studies the journal they recovered from the Underworld. Henley does very little of note.
    • The journal was written by Louis Barton and co-written by Albert Taylor.
    • There is a rumor that one of the original people who killed Keziah escaped.
      • They are referred to as a "Lost"
      • They went by the name Henry Dowling but eventually came to be known as Malus
    • Louis Barton was the editor and owner of a newspaper that existed before the Jackdaw.
      • While reading that newspaper, Clem kept having flashbacks to their time on the other side, and felt as though they had been kidnapped.
      • It appears that Louis and Albert were taken before they could finish their research, and might still be imprisoned somewhere.

Doing the Impossible

  • In a desperate bid with the clock ticking down, the motley finally comes together to make a move.
    • They prepared Hasil's Cabin to serve as a makeshit holding cell.
      • They drugged Ralph Wachter and brought him to Hasil's Cabin.
      • They bound Ralph and themselves in manacles to give the appearance that they were all captives.
      • They faked a note from their pretend captor, pressing them to kill one among them or die and laying responsibility for the mysterious disappearances in Jericho at their feet.
      • They pressured Ralph into believing that Hasil was ultimately responsible for his father's death and was a witch who was cursing people.
      • They also tried to convince him to forgive Hasil and not kill him.
      • Ralph fully believed the scenario, and blamed Hasil for the disappearances and his father's murder, but ultimately threw his weapon aside, unwilling to kill, even if it meant he'd die.
      • The Vrăjitoare accepted their test and the Wachter family line was freed from the curse.
    • Bristol and Josie found out the motley was gathered all in the cabin and poured gasoline into it and tried to burn it down with them inside
      • The motley was able to free themselves from the death trap they'd placed themselves in and Ralph as well, opening a door to the Hollow and escaping into it
      • Lucy and Hasil were hurt in the process.
      • Bristol and Josie assumed they had died as Hurst Cabin burned down, but eventually realized there were no bodies in the flames.


  • Lucy and Henley discovered a photo in the book that Jenny had tried to destroy. It appears to depict a woman named Keziah.
  • Lucy and Henley discovered part of a name within the book, ending in "-TER". For now, they feel like this points towards the Wachters
  • Hasil encountered a bird named Asaph who led him to what seemed to be the family graveyard of the Hursts. He is interested in looking into other graveyards for additional clues.
  • Clem and Henley have recreated the Symbol from their nightmares. When they showed it to Lucy and Hasil, they each recognized it. Hasil called it a hex, and thought he might be able to break it somehow. Later, they found the symbol throughout the Book Jenny had tried to destroy, as well as on the tombstones of the Hurst Family graveyard.
  • The Wachters' taxidermy is a subject of interest. Getting a piece for study is a priority.
  • Clem gathered some water left behind from their experience with a strange woman in what might have been a dream
  • Hasil is going to look through his father's notebooks for information on the symbol, and whatever else he can find
    • Ralph Wachter is definitely a little bit spooky
    • A family tree of how everybody is linked would be helpful
  • Henley and Clem have been invited to help Lisbet dig their fathers' journals out of what may be a grave, referred to as Caitlyn's vault, and supposedly filled with ghosts.
  • We need to work out a way to test people to the witch's satisfaction, we need to be doing this proactively, JJ will not hold our hands.
  • Alternatively we need to work out other ways of skirting around the deal without dooming ourselves and everyone we care about. Again, we need to do this proactively, JJ will not hold our hands.

People of Interest

The Cursed Families

  • Barton
  • Channing
    • Don (replaced?)
    • Erica
    • Mathilda (RIP)
  • Hurst
    • Aunt from out of state? (MIA)
    • Caitlyn (RIP)
    • Hasil
    • Ira (RIP)
    • Keziah (RIP)
  • Taylor
    • Albert (MIA)

Others of interest

  • Asaph (Hasil's... familiar?)
  • Bristol (Red-headed brute)
  • Carl Nelson
  • Chestley (Ingril's familiar?)
  • Henry Dowling aka "Malus" (MIA)
  • Ingril
  • Josie (Goth Fairy)
  • The Vrăjitoare


  • 2016
    • Henley disappears
    • Clem disappears
  • 2017
    • Henley reappears
    • Clem reappears
  • June 2022
    • Hasil disappears
  • Winter 2022
    • Lucy disappears
  • Spring 2023
    • Lucy reappears
  • June 2023
    • Hasil reappears


Title Date Location Cast Summary
Happy Hour at the ER 2023-06-19 Jericho Emergency Medical Arlene Kinsey, Jamie Murphy, Lucy Jordan, Henley Henley and Lucy having synchronized medical emergencies and leave everyone confused, including themselves.
Session 0: Clem Barton 2023-06-19 Clem Barton Clem has a dream that hurts.
Session 0: Lucy Jordan 2023-06-19 Grey County Public School Lucy Jordan Lucy has a dream that hurts.
Session 0: Kyle Henley 2023-06-19 Henley's House Henley Henley has a dream that hurts.
Session 0: Hasil Hurst 2023-06-24 Hasil's Cabin Hasil Hurst Hasil gets a visitor.
Ritual Reunion 2023-06-25 Hutchin's Pond Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan Hasil and Lucy run into each other out by the pond
High Noon at Abbot's Point 2023-06-25 Abbot's Point Hasil Hurst, Henley Hasil and Henley startle each other deep in the woods.
The Waffle House Conspiracy 2023-06-26 Waffle House Lucy Jordan, Henley Lucy reaches out to Henley and they have get conspiratorial behind the Waffle House.
A Story Untold: Part 1 2023-06-01 Clem Barton, Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan, Henley A sister fetches her twin.
Lucy at The Jericho Historical Society 2023-06-25 Jericho Historical Society Lucy Jordan, Jenny Nelson Lucy looks for answers beyond the library.
Orange and lavender spots 2023-06-29 Clem's House Arlene Kinsey, Clem Barton, Henley Arlene babysits Henley and Clem while they trip on LSD.
Breaking into the past 2023-06-30 Jericho Historical Society Lucy Jordan, Jenny Nelson, The Vrăjitoare, Henley Henley and Lucy ride in the trans am and do crimes.
Haint nuthin 2023-07-01 Hurst Cabin Hasil Hurst, Henley Henley brings Hasil up to speed on current events, and they begin to plan for the future.
A Row Of Crows 2023-07-02 Hurst Cabin Hasil Hurst Hasil is visited by an old friend.
A Grave Affair 2023-07-03 Bethlem Memorial Cemetery Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan, Henley Lucy and Henley meet Hasil at the cemetery for a fruitless hunt
The evening after orange and lavender spots 2023-07-01 Clem's house Arlene Kinsey, Clem Barton Arlene checks up on Clem after their trip of hell
Burnt Offerings 2023-07-05 Jordan Residence Lucy Jordan, Henley Lucy calls Henley over for revelation after revelation.
Henley Ran 2023-07-08 The Woods Henley Henley returns to The Woods
Hurst Huddle 2023-07-08 Hurst Cabin Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan, Henley Henley gathers Hasil and Lucy to catch everyone up and talk strategy.
A Story Untold: Clem, Part 1 2023-07-29 Clem's House Clem Barton, The Vrăjitoare Clem Paints A Picture
A Story Untold: Hasil, Part 1 2023-06-25 Hurst Cabin Hasil Hurst, The Vrăjitoare Hasil Experiences Night Terrors
Of Owls and Opportunities 2023-07-09 Wachter Hardware Hasil Hurst, Henley Hasil and Henley go to the Wachters to entangle themselves together enough to shake out some information down the line.
Debrief or Confession? 2023-07-02 Clem's House Clem Barton, Lucy Jordan Lucy confesses, Clem attempts to console.
Ninjas, Pigs, Pop Tarts 2023-07-09 Clem's House Clem Barton, Henley Henley forcibly socializes with Clem, who has been withdrawn lately.
Eggos and Espionage 2023-07-11 Waffle House, Clem's House Clem Barton, Hasil Hurst Hasil meets Clem after work and they bond over eggos and loss
A No Good Very Bad Day 2023-07-11 Waffle House Clem Barton, The Vrăjitoare Clem gives a pep talk to the flat top.
Discussing Plots 2023-07-14 Shelly Mansion Clem Barton, Lucy Jordan, Lisbet Shelly, Briar Shelly Lucy and Clem start asking about Dead Hursts.
High revelations 2023-07-16 Clem's House Clem Barton, Henley Clem fills Henley in on the Shelly situation, they try to puzzle things out and work on plans, then brush against secrets they're not ready to share.
Dredging up the past 2023-07-17 Jericho Historical Society Clem Barton, Carl Nelson, Henley Henley and Clem pay a visit to Carl at the Historical Society. While Henley battles his inner demons, they manage to turn up significant leads.
Revelations At The Hurst Cabin: Henley and Helen 2023-07-18 Hurst Cabin Helen Wachter, Henley Henley and Helen argue over Lyle.
Revelations At The Hurst Cabin: Hasil and Ralph 2023-07-18 Hurst Cabin Hasil Hurst, Ralph Wachter Hasil and Ralph discuss George Wachter's death.
Dark Legacies 2023-07-17 Hasil Hurst, Henley Henley rolls up on Hasil, who has learned troubling things about his family. Unfortunately for Hasil, Henley has even more bad news.
Untethered Shadows 2023-07-21 Jordan Residence Lucy Jordan, Henley Henley shares disturbing revelations with Lucy, and tries to dissuade her from obsessing over these strange events to the exclusion of living her own life along the way.
Clashing Convictions 2023-07-21 Hurst Cabin Hasil Hurst, Henley Henley and Hurst catch up and square up.
The Vrăjitoare 2023-07-23 Arcadia Clem Barton, Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan, Lyle Henley, Jason Jordan, The Vrăjitoare, Henley The Lost are reminded of the bargain made.
The Vrăjitoare: Henley's Durance, summarized 2023-07-23 Arcadia Henley Henley spends 7 months in the Bog Witch's realm. This is the high level view.
The Vrăjitoare: Hasil's Durance, summarized 2023-07-23 Arcadia Hasil Hurst Hasil finds his way in Arcadia.
The Vrăjitoare: Lucy's Durance, summarized 2023-07-23 Arcadia Lucy Jordan Lucy gets lost in Arcadia
The Vrăjitoare: Clem's Durance, summarized 2023-07-23 Arcadia Clem Barton, Lyle Henley Clem gets lost in Arcadia.
Bitter Reunion 2023-07-26 Hurst Cabin Hasil Hurst, Henley Henley and Hasil exchange pleasantries!
Comforting Reunion 2023-07-26 Jordan Residence Lucy Jordan, Henley Henley and Lucy reunite and begin to heal after their time in Arcadia.
Into the Hedge 2023-07-30 The Hedge Hasil Hurst, Ingril, Asaph, Henley Asaph guised Henley and Hasil into the Hedge, where they meet new allies, new dangers, and reconcile.
Movie Night: Henley and Clem 2023-07-30 Channing Farm Clem Barton, Henley Clem and Henley have a quiet discussion in public, their first since returning from Arcadia. It's comforting but they're unable to really discuss what they would prefer to talk about.
The Left Hand Knocks 2023-08-10 Clem's House, Channing Farm Clem Barton, Henley Clem and Henley get a wakeup call.
Shifting Gears 2023-08-12 Clem's House Clem Barton, Henley Henley falls off the wagon and Clem catches him. Then they catch each other up and realize things are even worse than they initially believed.
Hollow words and Hollow hearts 2023-08-21 Shelly Mansion Clem Barton, Henley Henley and Clem follow Lyle's advice and seek out Briar Shelly for leads.
Another Hard Knock Night 2023-08-26 Buck's Cabin Henley Henley cannot, under any circumstances, sleep comfortably. Case in point!
Waffle House Encounter 2023-08-10 Waffle House Clem Barton, Lucy Jordan Clem and Lucy get a few shady customers.
Quality Time 2023-08-14 Quality Inn Clem Barton, Henley Clem and Henley have a lot of time to discuss their problems while hiding out in a cheap motel.
What's a little stalking between friends? 2023-08-27 The Quality Inn Clem Barton, Lucy Jordan, Henley Henley rallies the Motley after being attacked, Ingril and her friend Chestley happen to show up, since they were keeping an eye on the motley in secret.
Dead Man's Curve 2023-09-01 Dead Man's Curve Clem Barton, Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan, Ralph Wachter, Helen Wachter, Henley Henley and Ralph have a low-stakes race for fun, with the Motley all playing a role. All goes as could be expected.
Broken Shattered Pieces 2023-09-07 Lucy Jordan, The Vrăjitoare Lucy wakes up in the Vrăjitoare's realm.
Family History 2023-09-07 Charlie's Hollow Clem Barton Clem digs into the past and brings up old memories.
Rest and Retaliation 2023-09-09 Charlie's Hollow Lucy Jordan, Ingril, Henley Lucy wakes up with new plans.
Crisis of Faith 2023-09-12 Charlie's Hollow Clem Barton, Henley Clem helps Henley through a little crisis of his own.
Oh Brother Where Art Thou 2023-09-14 Lucy Jordan, Jason Jordan, Lyle Henley Lucy reaches out to her brother for answers.
Tales from the Crypt 2023-09-16 Bethlem Cemetery Clem Barton, Lucy Jordan, Lisbet Shelly, Henley Lisbet Shelly leads the Motley into the Underworld to help them learn the lessons of the past.
The Vrăjitoare: Clem's Durance Clem Barton Clem spends five months in Arcadia
Forbidden Knowledge 2023-09-19 Clem's House Clem Barton, Henley Clem investigates the journal they stole from the Underworld. Henley does very little of note.
Motley Crew 2023-09-24 Charlie's Hollow Clem Barton, Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan, Henley Clem and Henley catch the others up and plan their next move.
Lisbet's Request 2023-09-21 The Loft Henley Lisbet and Henley come to an understanding.
Doing the Impossible 2023-10-01 Hurst Cabin Clem Barton, Hasil Hurst, Lucy Jordan, Ralph Wachter, The Vrăjitoare, Bristol, Josie, Henley It was an impossible dream.
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