Seven Of Cups

From Dark City

“Be careful what you wish for.”Seeming-darkling.png
The Seven of Cups is known among The Black Arcana as 'Sven', though if this is his real name or a play on his card it's unclear. The Bewitched was known in Dromvier as a sort of guide. A hostess to true guests making sure their needs and desires met. And a guide to survival and hope for the newly capture Changelings. A master at playing both sides, the angel was close to the Queen of Swords and had planned to be there for the war. He was called away at the last moment and was presumed dead. His escape came in the wake of the war, not during it.
RP Hooks
  • EVERYWHERE - Sven was everywhere. With but the use of his name, he'd step through shadow to arrive at your beck and call. Of course here in the Ironside he's not quite as skilled at getting to those same whispers, but he often appears without ever being seen entering a room.
  • EVERYTHING - The majority of the people in Dromvier 'liked' Sven. He seemed to be one of the good guys. But he clearly had a dangerous streak, even though he often told his fellow Changelings to be careful in their requests. He always granted them.
  • EVERYONE - To know Sven means he's done you a favor. Given you a gift. Told you a secret. Shared information.
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Sven (NPC)
Pronouns: He/Him
Apparent Age: Late 20s
Occupation: Servant
Public Effects: Empath
Striking Looks (Kind) 2

Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Chatelaine
Court: Courtless
Title: The Seven of Cups