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Like every place in the world, New York City is no different: the darkness finds a way to settle in. Out of the shadows comes more than the likes of the known beasts. Beyond werewolves, vampires, geists, shades and spirits are the others. Horrors. Look closely enough and you’ll find them, quietly surviving in the dusty crawlspaces and murky depths.

Here is, though not limited to a Bestiary of what one might come across in Dark City.

Devourer Hound

Type: Spirit-Ridden

Description: : A Devourer Hound is something out of a nightmare. It was once a starved dog that has been Claimed by a hunger spirit, but now it barely looks canine at all. The head is slashed by a twisted, slavering maw filled with jagged teeth, and other dribbling mouths mark its scabrous hide. (WTF p209)

Location: Various.

Hudson Howlers

Type: Bestial Horror

Description: Run a boat south of the 287 and you might find what some locals refer to as the Hudson Howlers. No one has actually seen one in its entirety, but confused and shaken reports suggest them to be a long thick serpent like creatures that bellow across the water to their pack right before an attack. In groups of 3 or 4, though some accounts have said as many as 6. Other times, no noises are heard, but boats hit something in the water that can’t be accounted for. One year, pieces of strange blubbery pelts washed up under the Brooklyn Bridge, though what they belonged to, and worse, what ‘’’ate’’ them were alarmingly unknown.

Location: The Hudson River, Upper Bay


Type: Bestial Horror

Description: The subway is no place to be alone at night, but despite how hard we try, sometimes it happens. Find yourself solo in a subway car and suddenly there is someone there with you. Only they look like a mirror image, wearing your clothes and holding your same bag. Turn your head and they look back. Cross your legs and they’ll do the same. Victims find themselves unable to scream, or maybe its just that they can’t hear it over a deafening silence. The few stories that have surfaced about this phenomenon also pair it will a loss of time. What happened after that they couldn’t say. They merely realized they’d missed their stop and it had been hours since they’d first boarded.

Location: Subways

Sewer Gators

Type: Bestial Horror

Description: These beasts shouldn’t exist and yet they do. Mortals will tell you it’s impossible. Fueled by legend, the Uratha will tell you they only survive and get that big because of the spirits that are down there with them. Ranging roughly 20-25ft, with thick grayish black dorsal scales, 90 teeth nestled in a long and broad snout, and a thick whip-like tail that quickly propels them through the dredges of the underground sewage.

Location: The sewers, of course.


Type: Bestial Horror

Description: The industrial side of New York has never ceased. Always growing, always changing. There are no shortage of accidents on the job either, though sometimes that’s not always the fault of the workers. Most write it off as being too tired, stretched too thin… but they could have sworn they saw something. Along the power lines, out on that crane, at the top of that scaffolding… Gremlins causing havoc. Tiny creatures really, that crawl around on all fours with a spiked rib along their spine. Faster than a blink of an eye with trails of mischievous smoke in their wake. Vetted journeymen know in their heart of hearts not to second guess when they’ve got a Gremlin on site. Even if it’d be crazy to tell their co-workers.

Location: Various, City

Rat Kings

Type: Bestial Horror

Description: The various abandoned locations in New York City allow for creatures to go unnoticed and unchecked. Left to their own devices without larger pray or rodent control to step in and you’ll get a Rat King. The massive vermin grow as large as pit bulls, with thick matted fur, hardy gray tails, and bewhiskered maws. Often they’ll turn whatever area they’re inhabiting into a nest, complete with tunnel systems laden with garbage scraps and bits of leftover meals, rotting into the walls.

Location: Abandoned areas, sewers, industrial parks.


Type: Bestial Horror

Description: Visit the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge or Sunset Cove Park at night and you might get you more than you asked for. If you get close enough to see them in the water they look far less human; their faces an upsetting mix of aquatic features with dark black eyes, blue veiny skin edged with scales and webbed fingers, tiny rows of sharp claws along their palms, and a mucilaginous memaid-like tail with rotted fins. During hours of twilight, they can walk on land, rising along the Cross Bay Boulevard as soaking wet women in white. Their cries for help are heard just under the wind.

Location: Broad Channel