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Staff: Pax, Raddish

Status: Accepting Applications

Open Spots: 15/15 (More may open later)

Type of Game: Changeling the Lost 2e

Themes and Triggers: Liberation, Fighting Oppression, Loss, Grief

Location: The Caribbean Sea.

"Give me freedom or give me the rope. For I shall not take the shackles that subjugate the poor to uphold the rich." - John Golden

Welcome to Black Flag!

If you'd like to create a Black Flag character, the application is at the bottom of this page.


"Listen up, lad," the grizzled pirate captain said, his voice low and gravelly from years at sea. "Port Charlotte ain't like any other place you've been. Under that scorching Bahamian sun, the port bustles with merchants hawkin' their wares, sailors chasin' dreams of gold, and the scent of roastin' spices and fresh-baked bread fillin' the air. The waterfront's a patchwork of thatched roofs and weathered stone, and the harbor's packed with ships from all corners of the world. But don't let the lively sights and sounds fool ya—there's a dark undercurrent here. The aristocrats are greedy, schemin' to strip the port of its riches and turn its folk into pawns for their own gain."

The captain's eyes narrowed as he leaned in closer, his voice dropping to a conspiratorial whisper. "There's somethin' strange goin' on, lad. The piers groan under the weight of mysterious cargo, and in the taverns, whispers of secret alliances hang in the air. The free spirits of Port Charlotte—dockworkers, pirates, and all—sense a storm brewin'. The air's thick with tension, an' for us changelings, it's worse. There's a dangerous energy creepin' in, and the fight to protect our haven is about to get fiercer than ever. Mark my words, the stakes have never been higher. Keep your eyes sharp and your wits about ya, or you won't last long in Port Charlotte."

The Weathered Fleet

Coming Soon

Oaths and Titles

Port Charlotte, 1725

Port Charlotte simmers under a hot, restless Bahamanian sun, and a salty breeze carries the tang of the tang of the sea to compete and mingle with the market aromas of roasting spices, fresh-baked bread, hearty grog and wet mud. Rustic, thatched buildings huddle on the waterfront, a hodgepodge mishmash of bleached wood and weathered stone.

Lorded over by a feckless, spineless governor who loses more of his influence every day to a growing throng of greedy aristocrats that want to strip the Port bare of all its value and resources, Port Charlotte is possessed of a frenetic energy. Its tremendous piers groan under the weight of recently unloaded cargo that ranges from exotic fruits to overflowing spices to tightly bound bales of the unknown (and likely illicit).

It's also known as a smuggler-friendly port, with little bays and private docks pockmarking the coastline. Ships of all shapes, sizes, and strips bob along through the turquoise harbor, eager to make port to either unload or take on goods and passengers.

Away from the docks, narrow streets snake erratically past creaking taverns, smitheries, market stalls, and of course a house of pleasure where weary sailors can have their affections seen to.

Port Charlotte is a place where fortunes can be made and lost in a single evening, depending on the flip of a coin, cast of a die, or turn of the wind. The line between legitimate trade and piracy is often blurred, and the law is enforced with a casual, irregular brutality, all under the watchful, gleaming eyes of the high hill of the aristocracy. But for those who seek adventure, riches, or simply a fresh start, the port town offers a tantalizing glimmer of possibility.

The Maritime Courts

Court of The Tides

The Shifting Keel, The Crashing Court, The Court of Desire

A Never Ending Cycle

Like the tides crashing in and sailing away, The Shifting Keel is a paradox in and of itself. The Crashing Court is always changing and adapting to the world around it, but it seems to always cycle back in on itself returning to the shores it pulled away from. Their ever changing pace can be difficult for some to fathom, but all in the Freehold can be sure that a Shifting Courtier will be there when they are needed.

Court of The Skies

The Shining Figurehead, The Burning Court, The Court of Wrath

A Scorching Blue Heavens

The sea offers no shade for the glaring watchful eye of the sun, and its heat can reduce a man down to only his most base of emotions. The hateful fire int he sky causes rage to boil in the hearts of The Burning Court, and they turn their rage against the enemies of the freehold and fight to maintain its safety.

Court of The Storms

The Rippling Sails, The Howling Court, The Court of Fear

A Terrible Brewing Storm

There is nothing that strikes fear in the hearts of sailors and islanders alike than the crashing of lightening and the howling of the wind. The Rippling Court embodies that fear and their magic rides the storm across the seas, pushing the enemies of the Freehold deep into their hiding places.

Court of The Depths

The Sunken Anchor, The Drowning Court, The Court of Sorrow

A Frozen Unfathomable Sea

The warm lapping waves on the beaches are little more than mask worn by the ocean. Her heart is cruel and icy. Those that sink down into her depths are never seen again. The Court of the Depths draws on the dark mysteries of the oceans to protect their people. They weaponize the sorrow of all those lost to the endless seas and turn it as a blade against their enemies.

Court Mantle

House Rules

Approved Books

Only the following books will be allowed:

  • Changeling the Lost 2e Core
  • Kith and Kin - Kiths Only
  • Dark Era's 2 - Ship Chase/Combat (Pg. 305) and Kiths Only (Pgs. 69, 70, 368)
  • Hurt Locker - General and Fighting Style Merits Only

Banned Kiths

  • Becquerel
  • Concubus
  • Ghostheart
  • Gravewight
  • Levinquick
  • Wisewitch


Weapons of the 18th Century

Armor of the 18th Century


Dual-Kith ••••
Prerequisites: Wyrd •••+
Effects: Your character benefits from the blessings of two different kiths. Upon taking this Merit, you may select an additional kith, subject to any restrictions set by the Storyteller. You gain the benefit of both kiths’ blessings, and your appearance may reflect both aspects.

Custom Content

Custom Court Title Guidelines

Court Title Guidelines Court titles in the Fleet of Bone and Ash are more fluid and personal than in many Freeholds. Because of this individuals make their own titles. As the Lost grow in power and gain more mantle, they are expected to dedicate more of their time and energy into serving their court. However as their duties grow, so do the benefits their title grants.

Your duties tied to your title may be things completely handled off screen, however you should still be thinking about and reflecting these duties in your roleplay. The following are guidelines, as well as examples of bonus’ you could gain. We encourage you to come up with something unique and fitting your character. No Title may grant Mantle!

Mantle • - A title at this level has very little responsibility and takes very little of your time. Bonus’ small at power. (1 Dot of a Merit, A Skill Speciality)
Mantle •• - At this rank you are an important member of the Fleet. Your responsibilities are needed to maintain the day to day duties of the Fleet. Bonus’s are more substantial here. (Access to a Common Contract, A once per chapter ability.)
Mantle ••• - You are a power player with in your Court. Your duties are vital to stability of the Courts, and your responsibilities reflect that. Your Bonus’ are substantial. (9again on particular use of a skill, Once per chapter being able to give yourself a positive Condition.)
Mantle •••• - You are one of the leaders of the Court and your responsibilities take up a large portion of your daily activities. The Bonus’ granted by this title reflect the requirements of the Title. (Access to a Royal contract, the ability instantly to restore a number of Glamour or Willpower based on a roll per Chapter.)
Mantle ••••• - You are the right hand of one of the Captains, and your duties require nearly all of your time and attention. You have significantly powerful bonus’ (Access to rote on a particular use of a skill, A unique ability useable once per scene.)


When submitting your application ticket, copy the for mating below and answer the following questions. There is a second set for a Motley Application.

Character Sheet Master

# Basics

***Character’s Name:***

# Ironside

***What does your character do in Port Charlotte?***
***Where do they live?***
***How to they make a living when not at sea?***

Create a location that they are strongly associated with

***Location Name:***

Once Approved, create the Place on the Wiki

# The Fleet

***What is your Mantle?***
***What Title do you hold?***
***What duties does your Title entail?***
***What benefits does your title grant?***

# Motley

***Are you in a Motley?***

If yes, then you will open a second ticket with all your Motley mates to go over Motley creation.

Motley Application

Motley Sheet Master

***Motley Name:***
***Simple description:*** 1-2 sentences.
***Are you recruiting?*** Y or N will do. If Y, what are you looking for?
***How should someone join?*** 
***Who do they contact?*** 
***Is there a rite or ritual?*** What is it?
***Motley Oath:*** 
***Motley Benefit:*** Keep it chill. Once per chapter sort of thing.
***Motley Consequence:*** This should be as bad as your Benefit is good

Example Oath: By this relevant and very fae object/concept/somesuch, I affirm my vow that I will brook no quarrel or malice against my motley mates, that I will stand by them in their darkest hour and always offer them a safe harbor against any storm. Should I lie or break my oath, may all fortune desert me, and all heart abandon me. Should we grow apart and evolve towards another branch of life, I will publicly renounce my oath and be set free of its obligations.

Ingredients to a Motley Oath = A tangible commitment, a tangible malus should that commitment be broken, and a way out in case the motley moves in other directions.

Sphere Index


Bonny BellSurgeonSlightly Mad Surgeon
Camille RossiHerbalist / AlchemistCompassionate Celestial
Edwin WestlyMoney LenderSickly Pledgemaster
Elias CroweHarbormasterAvian Gatekeeper
Gideon GreyTotally Legit MerchantSmuggler with a heart of gold
Hezekiah HenwoodCarpenterHaunted Woodsman
Jacapo CervantesProprietor of the House of CharityAcceptable Degenerate
Jessica FoxBrothel OwnerStormborn Siren
Selena SolisPalm-Reading Sea WitchFreedom's Oracle


Captain BrigbreakerOgreThe Skies
Captain MarrowdeepBeastCourt of Depths
Captain WavecrestFairestThe Tides
Captain WindfuryElementalthe Storm
Lord Griswold Remington


 OwnerRoom Type
Bayview GardenCamille RossiBusiness
Damson and Eddy Master TailorsRonan EddyBusiness
Seafarer's SquareBusiness
The Old Medical TheaterBonny BellBusiness
The Sigh of the WavesJessica FoxBusiness
The Whispering CoveSelena SolisOther
Westly & Co. Lending HouseEdwin WestlyBusiness


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