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Serenity Funeral Home A large, three-story house on Murray Hill in Manhattan, this converted home boasts a light yellow paint job that is soothing to the eye, and an enormous garden on the property. Framed by hedgerows bursting with flowers nearly year-long, as well as a stone garden, reflecting pool in the back, and window boxes full of blooms.

The Serenity Funeral Home projects an air of calm, a respectful place of solace to plan and perform the final services of a dearly departed loved one. Within, guests and mourners are greeted by one of New York's most beautiful indoor botanical experiences, outside of the Gardens themselves. While all of the flowers can and are able to be swapped on request, the immense riot of blooms presents a relaxing air to those going through their time of grief. With several large interior rooms to facilitate the viewing and wake of one's choice, the interior is adorned and furnished in tasteful woods, comfortable furniture, and a fully stocked kitchen.

Crewed by a courteous, respectful staff, capable of seeing to every aspect of such a somber and important experience, from arrangements, catering and decoration, to appropriate and necessary services for travel, transportation, and even if necessary permits for funerary processions through the city.

Serenity Funeral Home also offers on-site grief counselling, both one on one and family therapy, and takes all forms of insurance. Payment to the funeral home can be made on a sliding scale plan. Serving all cemeteries for the city of New York and Westchester County.

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