September Mace

From Dark City

Geist.png We are the people our parents warned us about. - Jimmy Buffett
Born and raised in Brownsville Brooklyn, September is no stranger to a life of struggle. The middle child of 6 siblings, a welfare riding drug addicted mother, September turned as many do to a life of crime to help provide. She was small and at first that meant she could get into places and hide as needed. She was also fearless when it came to tasks. Not afraid of heights, not afraid of small spaces, when someone didn't have the guts you'd get quiet little September to do the job. Now a days, she's anything but quiet. A force in the neighborhood that is still the reliable source she always was.
Geist Info
Seeing Red The Geist that is bound with September is a dark red humanoid woman. Her mouth is more like a black hole, that constantly gnashes its teeth towards enemies, ready to take a bite.
RP Hooks
  • Hook Up - Are you after drugs? Weapons? Information? If September can't get it for you, she knows who can.
  • Death Toll - While living and serving in one of the most dangerous areas of New York City, death resonance is thick, in murder and mourning. Despite being a criminal, September started this life to help, and so she continues to. The dead of the area come to her as well. And if they can't she goes to them. Often in search of justice.
  • Fellows In Crime - September knows everyone. Are you in the sphere? You have her number or at least, she has yours.
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September Mace (NPC)
Pronouns: She/Her
Apparent Age: 26
Occupation: Criminal Fence
Public Effects: Status 3 (Criminal)

Burden: The Abiding
Archetype: Furies
Aura Rating: 3
Spirit Rank: 3