Selena Solis

From Dark City

Selena Solis
Hairdark brown
OccupationPalm-Reading Sea Witch
ConceptFreedom's Oracle
Player NameAnonymous
KithReborn, Spiegelbild
CourtCourt of Storms
StatusActive PC


With a complexion kissed by the ever-present Caribbean glow, Selena stands at the average height with a deeply curvaceous silhouette. Her eyes are a bewitching blend of hazel that complements her soft features, and a mischievous smile is never far from her full lips that are just as quick to turn into a brooding pout. Her hair, a dark tapestry of curls and waves, cascades down her back in a wild array of braids and dreadlocks, adorned with an assortment of seashells, feathers, and colorful beads that clatter softly with her every movement.


They say Serena Solis was afflicted with the madness long before she was plucked away from the world; penance for the sins of her mother, a vodun priestess known as Seraphine, who broke a bargain for her deliverance from bondage on a ship bound for the New World years ago. Dark portents plagued her at every turn during the waking hours while feverish dreams gave her glimpses of events and faces she'd rarely understand. She learned very quickly to share these things only with the women of her family who were taught the ways of Myal, passed down from her mother, and the mother before her.

Her oddities made her favor her own company and that of her family. And when she began to travel the seas under the black sails of her father, Captain Rowan Blackthorne, she found solace in the freedom out on the water while he made use of her talents. On the eve of an arranged marriage, meant to free her father and crewmates from the deadly focus of a vengeful British naval captain, fate cruelly twisted. She was lured by the bewitching eyes of a dark man in a mirror, singing a ghostly siren's song that promised her liberation, tumbling through the mirror into a world so different from all she'd known.

... But those memories feel like nothing more than a fading dream, and Selena now utilizes her talents to safeguard the lost and the liberated from the shadows within Port Charlotte. Her foresight is instrumental in aiding others in orchestrating the escape of slaves and guiding them to safety. She collects esoteric knowledge and vital intelligence on all manner of things of great import and interest, including clandestine dealings within the port, which she discreetly weaponizes from time to time to subtly nudge and change the world for the needs of her Court and the Freehold.

RP Hooks

The Eye of the Storm - Selena serves as the Eye of the Storm in the Court of Storms, overseeing the spiritual and temporal welfare of those within the Court. She uses her gifts to detect and avert threats, counsel the court's leaders, and ensures the safety of those under her watch.

A Shilling for Your Future? - She offers glimpses into destiny with her tarot cards and palm readings, guiding sailors and pirates in Port Charlotte's dimly lit taverns. Seek her out before you set sail; a shilling is all it takes to potentially change your fate. A few more, and if she likes you enough, she might trade you a secret.

The Whispering Cove - The Whispering Cove is a hidden enclave that serves as a sanctuary for newly freed slaves and a community for disenfranchised individuals. Here, many provide support, education, and assistance, helping individuals heal from their past traumas and integrate into Port Charlotte or move onward to a new, safe destination. The Cove can also serve as a strategic meeting point for planning and coordinating efforts within the Freehold, as well as an easy inlet for clandestine activities. Selena is intimately involved with ensuring it remains a safe haven, and can often be found there.


Title Date Location Cast Summary
A series of visits upon Mister Westly 2024-07-17 Westly & Co. Lending House Edwin Westly, Selena Solis, Jessica Fox, Camille Rossi One customer turns into several more for poor Edwin