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Originally born in Connecticut, but raised in New York during his formative years, Sean Sullivan was orphaned in hid early teens and raised by his Uncle. Moneyed, he was given a good education with which he pursued an interest in law and politics, returning to New York after his education was finished. He began as a community outreach organizer in his spare time while working at a small law firm. This work garnered the attention of the DA in New York who has recently hired him to work in the office as an assistant. Within a year of his appointment however, he was scouted by the Mayor's office and given the role of Deputy Commissioner of the New York Department of Investigation.

He stands at 6' 2" tall with a neatly trimmed goatee and dark brown hair that is verging on black, but not quite there. He's got a decent physique, but is no body builder, favoring a lithe, athletic build. He generally keeps himself well groomed, though isn't afraid to dress down when needs be.

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RP Hooks
Former District Attorney As an Assistant District Attorney, it was Sean's job to prosecute the bad apples and defend the people. He's been known to moonlight as a public defender doing pro-bono work for those who are facing unjust charges or being oppressed by society. He takes his job seriously and looks to help those in need.

Community Organizer As a community organizer he's been known to pound the pavement, marching for causes and getting signatures for important pieces of legislation. Rarely one to be a wallflower when it comes to getting something done for the people, he's often in the thick of things, politically.

Man About Town... As a scion of one of New York's wealthy families, it is a small wonder that there isn't more press looking out for Sean Sullivan, especially with his very public career. However, he has managed to maintain a largely low profile while still getting around town, attending the parties and gatherings of New York Socialites, often pressing for some cause or another while attending.

... But Not Above Others Despite the socialite gatherings he will attend on occasion, you are just as likely to find him at a local bar or club, enjoying a drink or at the library researching some new topic of interest. He's comfortable amongst the high and low and all in-between.

Amateur Occultist Though he doesn't really talk about it much, occasionally he can be seen at occult shops or those weird old book stores. Not necessarily a believer, but open minded to what there is in the world.

Deputy Commissioner of the New York Department of Investigation. A nonpartiasan watchdog group within the Mayor's Office, the Department of Investigation handles investigations of fraud, waste, misconduct, abuse of authority and unethical conduct within New York City. He's just below the City Commissioner in this office and helps to coordinate investigators and head shis own investigations as well.

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  • "It is good to know where one's principles lay. I believe that I have seen his in action, but I must ask if there will be a limit to practicality versus idealism now." - Salim Qadir
  • "A strong sense of justice with the heart and drive to always want to make things be the way he wishes they were, rather than accept them for what they are." - Maddie Wesson
  • "If he wanted, he could be the president in three years, and we'd probably all be better off. A modern-day knight." - Sam Garguilo
  • "Bold, brave, and a real hero. I'm always happy to have on my team when things go upside-down." - Yasmine Ferreira
  • "I try to describe him, and can't find words. Try to write music about him, and the joy brings me peace in silence. I'm so glad he chose to hold hearts with me." - Lena Navarre

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Sean Sullivan
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Full Name: Sean Michael Sullivan

Pronouns: He/Him

Blood: Alpha
Bone: Community Organizer
PU: 2
Pack: The Trials

Cunning: 1
Honor: 2

Public Effects:
Striking Looks 2 (Trustworthy Face)
Presence 4
Profession Current: Deputy Commissioner of New York Department of Investigation
Profession Former: Assistant DA
Government 3

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Played By: Kelindel