Sean Sullivan

From Dark City



Title Date Location Cast Summary
Instant noodles potluck
Open-Minded Individuals
Urban Legends: Central Park Skaters
Urban Legends: Spanish Harlem Church, pt I
I'm Not Batman
Urban Legends: Spanish Harlem Church, pt II
Moments That Matter
Strangers in the Park
Law Advice
Sibyl, Sean and Estrella at the Cloisters
Sean Becomes Urugarum
Touching Base at Death and Company
Maddie, Sean and Estrella at Death & Co
Planning a Sing Sing Incursion
Following the Trail to Ossining
A Long Story at Last Rites
Good, Intelligent, and Decent
Captains' Boat Meeting
Should've Said this Sooner
Presents Perturbed
Control and the Fire
Sing Sing Escaping the Battle
Sing Sing At the Hall
(Fallout) Staking Their Claimed: The Capture
Home Cooking and Real Monsters
Twice A Coincidence
The Trial of Sam Garguilo
Sean Joins the Family
Dinner at the Golden Dragon
Annemieke meets people at Death and Company
Lena and the Trials
Friends In High Places
Respect and cannoli
Charity Is Golden
A few pierogies between friends
Dragging Sean into a Murder Alley
Scouting the Hive
Tea Would Be Great
Drunken Revelations
The Shift Economy
The Fall Of Faigh Giaráil
(Chariya's Affair) Moon Deck Before the Hunt
(Chariya's Affair) Main Deck Before the Hunt
Sean and Simon Get Their Stuff Taken
Catch the Spark
Elodoth vs. Elodoth
Sean and simon get their stuff back
The Trials' Trial Trial
Making Great Points
Domestic Dispute
I've Been Out of Town
The Trials Are All Shook Up 2
Team Rite at the Border Marcher

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