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'“Soft and fragile is my skin, I get my growth in mud. I’m dangerous as much as pretty, for if not careful, I draw blood.”
— Saoirse Hobfriend



A young Irish woman of slim and near-lanky build; at five feet and seven inches she is taller than average. Saoirse’s looks are striking, in a way imparting a certain pleasantness; kind-faced, benignant and comely. Her face is round, with a wide forehead and spaced eyes. Her hair is kept long, roughly below her shoulder-blades, and though naturally dark brown she presently has it stricken with highlights giving a tapered light brown look with the darker brown lingering at the roots. Her eyes are a match via their dark brown colour with that of her hair. She is embellished with piercings; at present her septum and her right nostril, as well as both ears in a few places, are decorated. Her nails are always long and a pointed – this looks at first like acrylics, but closer examination reveals natural growth. She typically presents herself with makeup applied, darker colours, nothing subtle and nothing overt. Her taste in fashion leans towards dresses and long skirts and the colours black and dark green are her usual choices, a thrift-chop connoisseur that leans towards dark shades.

Her voice carries a deeper pitch and she is clear spoken. Saoirse’s accent is Irish, particularly the sing-song accent of Cork for those who have an ear for it. Her temperament is caring and polite, displaying herself as a warm person, though distracted and Geminiesque, flipping to aloof or spiteful, depending.


Saoirse’s eyes blacken; the sclera quite literally become dark black while the iris takes on a grey-black colour, able to be made out, but collectively making her eyes unnaturally dark. Her ears change, here lengthening into a long and pointy elfin quality and, like her ears, her fingers elongate. Each digit is unnervingly stretched, with an eerily dexterous peculiarity. Her lengthened nails become more obviously claw-like, naturally black, long, and sharp, tapering into a hard points. Saorise occasionally trims them and colours them, though even so, their beastly nature breaks through in short order. Each hand has turned an ashen colour, the skin from roughly the knuckles to each fingertip this off pale-grey. Blotches of ink scatter across each hand and wrists, never permanent, always slowly appearing, slowly fading, as if fresh stains, an imperceptible change but an ever present splatter on both hands.

Though possessing an elfin quality that compliments what is a natural comeliness, Saoirse’s being begins to more readily mimic the Huldufólk, as a synonym of the elf but different; hers are the Domovoy, the Brownies. She possess the quality of these Hidden Folk, the boon-keeper and curse-maker, the riddle-breaker, the hands of a tinkerer and the aura and dark nature of the Gnome.

Blotting ink scribbles indiscernible words, flickering here or there around Saoirse, only to blot out like so many black fireflies, a hexed vibe resonating about this elf-witch. The lingering scent of late Autumn, with winter threatening the horizon, hangs about, while chilled voices, whispers, haunts the air from time to time, but a hint of a voice on the wind.

Rumours & Accomplishments

  • She is compiling a massive book called the Hobtionary, which will detail the denizens of the Hedge, to be bequeathed to her Court
  • She sometimes accepts trade in the form of a good riddle
  • She posses a mask from the Hedge that is actually the broken face of a long lost Keeper
  • Her Keeper was Die wylde Jagd
  • She stole the Slave Master's key from the Crow Sea Medina
  • She possesses a map, obtained in the Hedge during a perilous trip, a map to a hob named Fzfxy

Roleplaying Hooks

A Tisket, A Tasket (Changelings/All)

Saoirse finds things or, as she says 'tiskets and taskets'. On the mundane side she runs an antique shop that also deals in book restoration, called The Cupboard Goblin. She has for sale myriad items and takes donations as well as trades. Regarding books most of the items are restored by her and vary from rare to, mostly, merely old. She is willing to find 'tiskets' for anyone willing to pay by whatever means is deemed fit. These such things are mundane items she does not carry but will procure. Among the Lost she runs much the same business, but will procure less mundane items. Here she will seek out Hedge objects one desires, for a fee, obtaining these 'taskets' for those seeking them. Perhaps you've visited her antiques shop, The Cupboard Goblin, or you've sought her help obtaining an item of obscure origin, mundane or otherwise?

Observe the Horror (Changelings/All)

Saoirse, while not employed in the larger Lost-owned occupations, is nevertheless a regular at the Cabinet of Horrors. She spends time soaking up Glamour, using the place for, essentially, its purpose. If you visit the Cabinet you may have run into Saoirse, and she tends to be more focused on her fellow guests rather than the horrors the Cabinet provides.

Black Eyes, Black Market

Saoirse is involved, loosely, in the Black Market and criminal happenings of NYC's seedy underbelly. She is what amounts to a complicit business owner, as well as informant. Saoirse takes in stolen goods, sometimes, and she gives out information to criminal organizations from time to time. She knows people and she knows people who know people. She doesn't always question how certain items show up, so long as the money, the information, or sometimes, the riddle is good.

Hob-bit Habit (Changelings)

Saoirse likes hobs and, more or less, they like her. She is amongst the foremost Goblin Market experts in New York City to boot. Her adroitness in the Hedge, at Markets, and with hobs is well known amongst the Lost of the Freehold; she even crafted her own new surname, earned via an affinity for the hobs of the Hedge - Hobfriend. Saoirse had something in her nature that has made the hobs react to her as one of their own, though not as a tight family as hobs are wont to be fickle, mercurial, and vary by individual. Even so, she has taken to the hobs as they have to her. She acts as a liaison between the denizens of the Hedge and her Freehold, occasionally accused of being “too Hobbish” or “too Gobliny” for her own good. To her the Hedge and the hobgoblins were a fascination and kin and she not only understands them, and they her (sometimes), but she cares for them and is an open supporter of 'Hob Rights'. She is by extension, and as mentioned, a Goblin Market expert, dickering her way through goods as one born to it. It stands to reason that Saoirse has guided you along a Goblin Market, making sure you didn't get a bad deal, or perhaps she interceded on your behalf when dealing with a hob?

Saoirse is compiling a massive book called the Hobtionary, which will detail the denizens of the Hedge, to be bequeathed to her Court. The herculean task is oft on her mind and she welcomes any and all information, of the verified variety.


Comrades & Contacts

Liv the Sword

Glittering points that downward thrust, sparkling spears that never rust.

Gabriella Marina

I drive men and women mad for love of me, easily beaten, never free.

Charles Throkmorton

Kings and queens may cling to power and the jester’s got his call, but, as you may all discover, the common one outranks them all.

Avery Vogel

All about, but cannot be seen, can be captured, cannot be held, no throat, but can be heard.




Guiding Sounds

 Public Memory – Midsummer ShadowPlay me 
 Clann – UnseeliePlay me 
 Chelsea Wolfe - Carrion FlowersPlay me 

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