Sam Garguilo

From Dark City

Sam Garguilo
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Played ByVoltaicOvine
LodgeLodge of Lightning
TribeIron Masters
PackThe Trials
StatusRetired PC


Navy suit, coiffed hair, architect stubble, and a faint Midwestern accent. Sam Garguilo is the kind of man who would almost blend into the walls at any courthouse or mid-sized law firm in the country, and that's just the way he likes it.

But lurking within that central-casting exterior is a very different kind of monster, one he's been wrestling with so long he's almost forgotten it isn't tame. But never quite.

Among the People, Sam's earned a reputation for being honorable, helpful, and probably cursed. He's won some battles, lost some others, and paid dearly for both. If you ever need a lawyer who gets it, pick up the phone and dial. Just don't expect to swap stories that date back further than five years, or ask why he gets a little twitchy around fire.

RP Hooks

  • The People's Advocate

Sam offers legal services at a discount or pro bono to the Forsaken and Ghost Wolves of New York. He's built out a niche for himself negotiating with Lunes and security spirits and drafting wills for People who tend to die young and violently.

  • Don't Look Back

Sam prefers not to talk about his life prior to opening his office in New York. Some people have heard snippets, a few have heard more, and People with an ear for dialect can tell he probably grew up in Chicago. But whatever happened back there, it was bad enough to make an Iron Master abandon his territory.

  • Sun-Cursed

Sam has, to the best of the People's knowledge, the unique distinction of being successfully rescued from Claiming. The experience was violent and traumatic for everyone involved, and left scars that may never fully heal. But the People who helped bring him back earned a loyalty that's just as enduring.