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Sabina is a psychic vampire, born with her parasitic powers. Her appearance quickly draws eyes from all around, although her actions frequently do nothing to let her stand out, usually coming across as a pushover. She's seen frequently around the various business districts acting as a secretary or networker for her company.

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RP Hooks
Fixer - Sabina's previous jobs and her remarkable negotiation skills have left her a wide array of contacts. She knows people, and how to get others in touch with them.

Setting up Shop - The job of a networker is never done. She is always hard at work expanding her range of allies and contacts, possibly even some that dip their fingers in less legal matters.

Corporate Ladder - She is trying to be ambitious, working hard in an attempt to gain promotions and a better position in her life.

Pacifist - Traumatized by heavily injuring her closest friend years ago, she hates violence, preferring any means to avoid having to cause harm.

Growing Pains - The girls psychic powers have grown slowly over the years. She avoids using them, bottling up her Ephemera to last as long as she could before feeding. But they are always present, and Sabina knows better than anyone how much they could help her if used properly...

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Sabina Shields

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Pronouns: She/Her

Profession: Secretary

Age: 22

Virtue: Generous

Vice: Passive

Notable Merits:

    Psychic Vampirism (Innate)
    Striking Looks (Beautiful)

Status - Civil Society 1

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Played By: User:Atrum Chalybs