Ryan Troha

From Dark City
Wolfblooded.png “If she'd 'ave kept on goin' down that way she'd 'ave gone straight to that castle.” Tribe-boneshadows.png
RP Hooks
  • Keeper of the Words - Ryan is a Librarian in the loosest sense of the word. He is one of the keepers of Penumbra Hall and is so good at knowing where to find things people suspect he has an eidetic memory.
  • Single Dad - Having lost his Wife when his daughters were babies, Ryan is a single dad.
  • Bowie - Ryan has a familiar, a little caterpillar that answers to the name Bowie, and looks like it might have had a cameo in a certain movie...

Ryan Troha (NPC)
Pronouns: He/Him
Apparent Age: 46
Occupation: Librarian
Public Effects: Education Dot-filled.png
Kamduis-Ur's Blood

Tell: Piercing Eyes, Clever Fingers, Familiar (Book Worm spirit)
Tribe: Bone Shadow
Pack: This Is Happening

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