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  • Stats: 5'8, 140lbs, Lean
  • Description: Long light brown hair, golden eyes with feathers of teal, and an almond rose complexion. She's not quick to smile, prone to being lost in small reveries, she moves with resolve and confidence. Equally comfortable in a floor length gown or tactical gear, Ruthie is skilled in the art of fitting in and appreciates looking good.


This girl has seen some things, though divulging anything personal is often a no-go. She's typically straight to business, though if she's comfortable and able to relax, her entire focus is devoted to you. Her presence is engulfing and hard not to admire. She'll lean towards being comfortable, happy, or experiencing the best there is to offer. She isn't shy about being greedy, she knows exactly what she deserves. Friends will call her loyal. Enemies will call her scary. Those in between aren't sure what just happened.

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RP Hooks
EVERYTHING HAS A PRICE In another life she knew everyone, and now she uses that to her advantage. It helps having friends in high and low places and Ruthie seems to have the bead, or perhaps even the dirt, on most names rolling through the city. Need some info? Need a soft connection? She's your gal. (Crime Sphere)

FAMILIAR Once a local news reporter, she went missing and finally had the searched called off, accepted as gone. She's keeping a low profile to 'stay dead'. Her friends and family have mourned her and already given her a proper memorial, tombstone and all. She refuses to answer to Veda in public. (Arts & Society)

FULL MOON BABY Recently changed under the Rahu Auspice during a Pure ambush. Ruthie's rage is sensed as a rolling boil, ready to burst. She's keeping it under control but it clearly takes effort. (Werewolf)

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Use these to set up a scene for RP


  • It's late and you're the last one in the bar. The bartender is in back and Ruthie enters and impatiently serves herself, paying for a bottle and leaving with it or heading to a back room instead.
  • You're peering out your (window, balcony, rooftop) and see a dark figure in the (alley, abandoned building, rooftop) below. You investigate.
  • There's a figure moving through the cemetery, cleaning off tombstones as she goes. Get close enough to hear her talking to no one. Her eyes glowing lightly.
  • You're in a horrible situation socially and Ruthie comes to your rescue, saving you like you're old friends despite having never met her.
  • You happen upon Ruthie after something awful. She's covered in god knows what and more than a bit of blood. Oops?


  • Ruthie has come to you to buy (information, drugs, weapons, a relic, an item you've misplaced).
  • You have heard of someone who has connections named Ruthie and happened upon her number. She's agreed to meet you.
  • You're in a place you don't belong and you're uncertain of your safety. Ruthie is a trust worthy face among a sea of questionable characters.


  • You happen upon Ruthie racing the rabbit spirits on Hart Island.
  • New to the People, Ruthie is holding conversation on Tur better than most. She's eager to get involved.
  • A spirit is fucking with the woman, but she has little in the way of stopping it. Do you help?
  • There's something off about Ruthie's eyes. Unnaturally golden, they glow an ephemeral blue around Death Resonance.

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“Legends become legends by getting lost, so that humanity doesn’t.” ― Abhijit Naskar
  • "She's more dangerous than I am, and there's nobody I trust more." - Sierra


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Ruthie Romero

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AGE: 28
CONCEPT: Smooth Criminal
  • Striking Looks 2 (Trust Worthy)
  • Presence 4
  • Intimidation 5
  • Indomitable
  • Status (Crime) 2: Information Dealer/Unlikely Assassin
  • Allies (Crime) 4
  • Allies (Ghosts) 2
  • Auspice: Rahu
  • Tribe: Bone Shadows
    • Purity: 2
    • Cunning: 1

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Played By: JJ