Rusty Murphy

From Dark City

Russell "Rusty" Murphy
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BirthdateFebruary 15, 1990
HairDark blonde
ConceptSmall town bartender
Played ByJensen Ackles
Player NameHexualSealing
StatusActive PC


Rusty is a sometimes tired-looking thirty-something. Blonde-haired, green-eyed, and tanned enough that you know he spends time outside. You can typically find him wearing plaid shirts, some beaten-up-looking outdoor boots and whatever jeans he decided were clean enough to wear. It's almost always 5 0'clock somewhere given the shadow on his face.

Rusty is known to be pretty affable, even if his expression doesn't always convey that. He just has one of those faces that people like to confide in, regardless of whether he actually wants them to.

Public Effects: Striking Looks - Rugged (1), Closed Book (1), Status - Local (1), Allies - Local Outcasts (2), Empath


The Murphy family have been a fixture in Grey County since the first Irish settlers made their ways into the hills of southern Appalachia. They have been homesteaders, woodsmen, moonshiners, and nearly everything in between. The Murphy family farm has been poised atop the mountains north of Jericho.... yadda yadda yadda. If you want the whole thing, you should ask his dad.

Rusty is in the awkward position having to serve his distant dad a drink regularly. Made even worse that his ex also decides to come drink at the same bar because well... most people do at some point. At least he has one of his best friends Johnny to somehow make this all seem more straight forward, even if he is the town weirdo.

Rusty is no stranger to personal tragedy, with his older brother ending his own life a few decades ago, and his mom dying after a mugging incident where the culprit was never caught. His dad wasn't the same after his brother died, and became even worse after losing his wife. Not long after that, Rusty and his childhood sweetheart separated. Some days its hard to know who the town should feel sorry for - Colt, or Rusty. Both, if you can spare it.

RP Hooks

Friendly Ear to Drown Your Sorrows (ALL): Occupational hazard is that sometimes a bartender is privy to all sorts of things, and technically is paid to stand there and listen to your woes, so long as you keep ordering. You'll probably find him at The Schooner Bar & Grill, and a mandatory ear to listen to you.

Group Therapy (ALL): When Rusty can be bothered, he sometimes shows up to the local group therapy. He's known for keeping his cards close to his chest, however, and doesn't like to share all that much given everybody seems to know his business anyway.

No Stranger to Misfits (ALL): Rusty is used to being around outcasts, drunks, or people down on their luck who struggle to fit in. He knows how that feels. Maybe you can feel a little less lonely for just a while.

Gooey Center (ALL): Some speculate it's because of his own loss as a teenager, and constant exposure to sad drunks that means he has a real soft spot for younger adults who can have much better lives than he did, and more motivation to help them than himself.

Luxidine's Newest (MORTAL): Rusty recently got a job as a part-time janitor at the Luxidine facility. He seems almost surprised, given he never thought he interviewed well. Seems he must have...


Colt Murphy - Dad. It's complicated.

Jamie Murphy - Wife, then ex, then wife again. It's complicated, and also none of your business anymore.

Johnny Stockel - Best Friend. Less complicated. Vanishes a lot, but damned if he wasn't the sweetest kid.

Travis Martinez - Friend, coworker, and a concern from time to time.

Deputy Angel Cleary - Sometimes I think I'm the closest to a friend he has.

Aya Bishop - Pretty famous novelist staying with me while she's in town, and while her book's aren't my thing, a lot of people read them.

Arlene Kinsey - A good kid who always knows what she wants.