Roux O'Hara

From Dark City

Roux O'HaraContacts


Roux O'Hara
of the Circle of the Crone

The Masquerade:
Pronouns:  They/Her 1f3f3-26a7.png 1f3f3-1f308.png
Age:  22
Height:  6ft 2in
Weight:  165lbs
Occupations:  Full-Time Student
 Former Drug Dealer
 Research Assistant at
 Persephone Laboratories
Public Effects:  Contacts
 (Drug Dealers, Teachers):⛧⛧
 Alternate Identity
 (Carmen Wainwright): ⛧⛧⛧
The Danse Macabre:
Virtue:  Follower
Vice:  Monster
Regnant:  Moira Reverie
Clan:  Mehket
Convenant:  Circle of the Crone
Kindred Status:  City Status:◎
 Covenant Status
 (Circle of the Crone):⛧
  Mystery Cult:  House of the Third Ajar Portal
  Themesongs:  Tongues and Teeth - The Crane Wives
 Panic Room - Au/Ra
 Lotta True Crime - Penelope Scott
Player:  Magicalraddish