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Statistically Rose is 5 feet six inches and weighs a touch over 130 pounds. On the descript and detailed side Rose in a fairly athletic young woman; she has defined legs as a ballerina begets and is healthy all around. Rose has dark red hair, worn long but usually pinned up, and a naturally pale skin-tone. She has searching green eyes that always look either concerned or scornful with such expressions on her brow. Rose has a deadly stare when she has need of it and her look can be intimidatingly scathing. Her face is broad, her nose too, and her lips wide. Rose dresses modern, chic, comfortable, but her family wealth is visible too in the brands she sports. Her accent is 'standard American' and her voice somewhat smoky, or husky, but venomous when she needs it to be.

Rose carries herself confidently and somewhat haughtily. She is poised by default, posture and all, and this is as like as not due to her career as a ballerina. She is a touch arrogant and blunt and snobbery is not beneath her, however she also remains grounded to a degree, more than the rest of her family. Rose is a motivated and focused woman, which contributes to some of the aforementioned negative ideas about her, but this also brings about a positive go-get-it attitude and an upfront-ness. Rose doesn't seem to make close friends easily and has a stand-offish aura about her, quick to put on a not-so-sincere and practiced smile, eyes examining you judgmentally.

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RP Hooks
  • Shalom Aleichem - שָׁלוֹם עֲלֵיכֶם: Rose was raised in a 'non-practicing Jewish' household, or what could be described as Jewish Secularism. Her father's paternal side, the Voloshins, and her mother's maternal side, the Dolgoffs, are well-respected Jewish families in the Mid-Atlantic States and New England and the family would make appearances at synagogue and celebrate the appropriates holidays and so forth, but strict religious upbringing and faith were never a major criteria in the household. Even so, it is conceivable that one knows Rose from her younger days, bumping shoulders on Saturday, or are family friends in the Voloshin-Dolgoff circle.
  • Red Swan: Rose was (or is) a promising ballerina and featured prominently for a year at the New York City Ballet. From 2019 to well into 2020 she could be seen on the stage, with notable performances. She still swings in those circles and, despite her expulsion from NYCB, she holds respect among many in the ballet world. At present Rose is a ballerina at Arkhness Ballet Company (known as ABC), not as prestigious a studio as NYCB, but still a crack studio.
  • Gilded Age: Rose was born with a silver spoon; she swings as a socialite in wealthy circles and is among the upper crust of the Northeast United States - principally New York, New Jersey, Mass, and Connecticut. Rose's father's maternal side, the Hallowell family, are old American upper class, Boston Brahmins. Her mother's paternal side, the Coldons, are likewise old English money stretching back to the 17th century in the New York area. Rose is a known friend of Portia Colvin and Rose's mother is a well known art dealer in New York City to boot, Elaine Colden. If you hang with expensive friends then you may know Rose outside of her ballet circle, a ritzy pool party here or a fox hunting trip there.
  • Senator's Daughter: Senator Nathan Voloshin (R) isn't a household name, like Cruz for instance, but he also isn't a total unknown. Representing District 23 of New Jersey since 2009, Rose's father has weight in the political circuit and Rose knows her way around, even if she isn't quite political herself. Even so, she works for the mayor of New York, Everett Shelton. Rose works for him... in a roundabout way - she is the assistant to the assistant of the Executive Assistant to the Mayor; three+ degrees removed from the boss himself, so a good ways out there. Clerical activities and ‘sugar in your coffee?’ are the extent of her action politically in what amounts to a part-time job for a rich man's kid.
  • The Interview: “Welcome back to Good Morning NYC! I’m with our guest, Rose Voloshin, disgraced ballerina who was at the heart of recent controversy at the New York City Ballet. Rose, good morning and welcome.” Rose gave a terse smile to Julianne Yaffe, appearing to be chaffing from Julianne's use of the word ‘disgraced’. The interview, on the local station mid-October 2020, was one sided. Julianne talked, Rose gave forced and annoyed smiles, brief, cut, quick with her words, spartan with her vocabulary.

“Now, Rose, your family have expressed a great deal of embarrassment by what happened. The whole ordeal seems to have derailed what was probably going to be a glowing career. Your parents hinted that the whole incident was caused by addiction. Is this true?” Julianne's question pushed the pot over. “I’ve apologized for the… for the incident and I wish to not comment further,” Rose replied. But it wouldn’t suffice. The host of Good Morning NYC pushed, questioned, she prodded with the same inquiry from every angle. Then... explosion.

“You’re a fucking asshole, Julianne Gaffe! Everyone knows you’re a nightmare to work for. You bring my family up, my addiction!?” Rose was standing by this point, jabbing a finger at Julianne and cussing the talk show host up and down, threats here and there, peopling yelling ‘cut to sponsors’ in the back, gasps of the audience, someone ran out and took Rose by the arm, pulling her back, and… that commercial break.

Rose was known in ballet circles for her skill and tenacity. After October 2020 she gained fifteen minutes of fame outside of those circles. New Yorkers knew her - that pissed off red head addict who blew up on Julianne! That fame subsided. By November. December. A few still recognize her face. Some with disgust - 'there goes that foul mouthed entitled addict, ritzy high class princess, so on' while others look on with glee, giving Julianne what for. Still, most have forgotten... most.

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Rose Voloshin

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NICKNAMES: Rosie, Yolo


HEIGHT: 5'6"

WEIGHT: 60 kg (132 ibs)

AGE: Late Twenties

BIRTHDAY: 16th of July, probably early 90s

CONCEPT: Silver-Spoon Fed Ballerina

PUBLIC EFFECTS: Fame ●, Presence ●●●● (at night only), Dex ●●●●, Athletic

FAME: ● Former NYCB ballerina, current Arkhness Ballet Co. ballerina; on-air yelling at Julianne Yaffe on Good Morning NYC!

VIRTUE: Competitive

VICE: Ambitious

USER: Gorgonzola


Sinclair – grl-irl
Black Swan Lake – District 78

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Played By: Gorgonzola