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What you see depends on context.

You're walking down the street and Bob moseys out of a bodega with a bag of goods. He doesn't bother looking up or at any of the other spectacles because he's seen it all. He's a New Yorker. This one is middle aged with a dad bod. He's brought a casual look from the mall.

You see his face on Grindr or Scruff's grid. The profile is that of a perfectly ordinary guy and there's nothing special about him. You move on because you're not interested in guys ten or twenty years older than you. But when you see that grid-face out in the gay bars, he always seems to know a gaggle of folks who are glad to see him. When he approaches younger guys it's as someone who is a little older and wiser rather than a chicken hawk. This is his community.

You're at his store and he's not minding you at all. The man has Staff for that. Instead he has a hushed conversation with someone who is clearly distressed, someone who booked an appointment to read a rare tome on the premises. In those moments it's almost like he's a therapist.

You're seeing to your agenda among Civil Society. So is he, dressed in an impeccable suit. Regardless of the Sphere, he is a passionate but composed and well-spoken progressive with ideas that benefit the folks more than the status quo.

You're hunting ghosts. The people who turned you on to this are taking direction from Bob. He knows where all the surveillance equipment goes and how to set it up. He knows what all their strange devices and do-dads are supposed to accomplish. Ghost hunting isn't as scary as you thought it might be, but then again, it's not so easy to be scared when the guy in charge is always so calm and composed.

But no matter the context one might witness Bob, he is most likely distracted.

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RP Hooks
  • Occult Honeypot (All Characters) Bob isn't just an Occultist, he's a resource to the Occult community. If your character is frequently making use of the free Occult Library at Justin Thyme, please reach out to arrange RP -- Bob will introduce himself. Or perhaps you'd care to make an appointment to read the rare tomes on premises? Your appointment is with Bob. Those with appropriate social Merits might be aware of a rumor that Bob allows select clientele upstairs where he's got some truly rare things.
  • Queermos Together (LGBTQIA+ Characters) Bob has been out in NYC for over twenty years and seems to know just about everyone who is part of the scene. He fits in with the drag queens even though he's masculine. He fits in with Gotham Rugby even though he's not particularly athletic. He even fits in with Dykes on Bikes somehow despite neither being a lesbian nor a motorcycle owner. Word is that he's helped improve the situations of multiple queer homeless youth over the years because he used to be one, himself. The community has problems, especially now in this time of rising theocratic populism. The community was left to its own devices during the AIDS crisis and is still largely on its own. Bob is one of the problem solvers. Are you? Maybe they ought to work together for the community's benefit.
  • Ghost Buster (Occult-Aware Characters) Those with appropriate social Merits have heard arguments that Bob has a real gift and has helped New Yorkers with actual hauntings for years. Then again, they've also heard arguments that Bob is a con artist who is preying on some very vulnerable people. Regardless, a character interested in Ghosts who does enough digging into the Occult community could learn Bob has performed numerous exorcisms. Odd that he's not a Priest or taken to wearing the crucifix. It's not a service that Justin Thyme advertises.

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Between the three and four story buildings on Bedford Ave in Brooklyn's Prospect Lefferts Gardens you'll find a few old holdout homes. The first floor of this one is now an open storefront with displays in windows to bring out the curb appeal. A whimsical sign reads Justin Thyme, the style matching the ambiance of herbs and tea for sale along with Occult items. Another sign in a window proclaims no need to buy the books if you'd like to sit and read. It's one of those specialty shops in NYC where being a specialty shop in NYC matters much more than being profitable. A curmudgeon would quip the place will be out of business in a year.

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Robert "Bob" Halloway
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Splat: Mortal+

Apparent Age: 42

Public Effects

  • Mystery Cult Initiation (Maschalismos Syndicate) 4
  • Library (Occult) 2: publicly available via Justin Thyme at no cost
  • Library (Occult) 3: publicly available by appointment only
  • Status (Business) 1: Small Business Owner
  • Status (Medicine) 1: Holistic Medicine Practitioner
  • Holistic Medicine
  • Status (Law & Government) 1: Activist (LGBT & Homeless Causes)
  • Allies (LGBT Community) 3
  • Staff 2 (Medicine, Occult)

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Played By: MacKenzie