Riley Monroe

From Dark City

Riley was drug into this world, maybe not kicking screaming... but, it wasn't her choice. Most people could say that, but, the rage within her is something that bothers the girl. She's a monster sure, but, she doesn't have to be monstrous about it. Perhaps that's why she hasn't chosen a tribe yet, or joined a pack. She seems to be clinging to humanity a bit to firmly, yet, when push comes to shove She's been there for the people, and by Luna does the girl know how to howl!

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RP Hooks
Riley is a run away, and, it's possible that she left a body behind. Though if she did it looks as if it was mauled by some sort of monster. People might be looking for her.

She has to stop wading sometime. She's got experienced, she's done some good for New York at least enough to get a little renown. But, she needs to do more. The people are whispering that she's afraid of her monstrous side, and it's time that she stops dancing around and accept her place in a pack, if not a tribe.

Torn between two worlds. The people are right, she is scared. She knows she has to helped, and she has and will keep on help. Yet, her human life calls to her. She likes to party on campus, she likes to get a little tispy, she likes to cheer. She's afraid to give that all up, and become some sort of spirit cop.

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Riley Monroe
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Tribe: Ghost Wolf

Auspice: Cahalith

Glory 2
Honor 1
Purity 1

Occupation: College Student and CheerLeader

Striking looks(stunning) 2

Bar Fly
Fame(college cheerleader) 1

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Played By: User:DreamsofElectricSheep