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Name: RevelBlack
Titles: Holder of Vows
Occupation: Organized Mess
Pronouns: She/Her
Seeming: Beast
Kith: Hunterheart
Court: Courtless
Motley: Dead Man's Hand
Keeper: The Oracle

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Mask: Though Revel is an athletic individual, many would probably assume otherwise upon first glance. At an average height of 5'6 and bordering on skinny rather than lean, she doesn't look like much of a gymnast or someone you'd see booking it down the street. Those large doe-like eyes are often big and curious, framed by a set of thick eye lashes that certainly add to her over-all appearance of just 'pretty' and more than likely, 'sheltered'. Despite the nervous energy that can sometimes follow, other times Revel seems like another person entirely - confident, quick, and calm. Especially when tasked with working.

Mein: While sharing similarities to her mask, Revel's mein is much more... feral. Red eyes glint with a primal stare, teeth sharp with fangs that probably belong to some predatory animal. Her hands and forearms are licked with a pitch black ink stain that runs along her skin before fading, nails turned into delicate but sharp-looking claws. Beneath that silvery hair are two large doe ears always on alert, and though rarely seen and (possibly) if asked, may tell you there is a matching tail. It's an eerie feeling of predator mixed with prey - of hunting and hunted. Currently, her speech is a bit slower and very much growly at times, but seems to be getting better with practice.


  • The Black Arcana (Changeling):
    Revel takes her place in the deck as the Page of Swords and was an active part of the Queen of Sword's silent uprising. Perhaps you remember the large white hound speeding through the forest, or a doe within the trees (supposedly) minding their own business? Revel is always looking to connect with other members of the deck and will do her best to get them who or what they need.

  • Busy Body (Changeling):
    Projects are (overwhelmingly) kind of her thing. Right now her focus is getting the Freehold ready to play defensive against the Diviners, though she is always looking for things that may benefit everyone in the long-run. If you want some help getting something off the ground, have an idea, or simply want to get involved, seeking Revel out may be a good first step. More often than not she is open to brainstorming, planning, and somehow finds the initiative to get things done. Should the mood ever strike someone to offer help simply because they want to, it's known she has quite the long list of things that need attending to. A helping hand is not something she would likely turn down.

  • A Way With Words (Anyone):
    Pre-durance Revel was not above selling her writing skills to whoever could pay. College essays, term papers, reference letters, resumes, or reviews... But now? Writing poetry is something she finds she does a lot of in her downtime. It's very private, not spoken of often, and rarely ever shared. Still, Revel has been making an attempt to get in touch with local writers of all sorts. Though lately she's been busy, it wouldn't be uncommon to find her at a poetry night, writer's workshop, book signing, and has just recently started venturing out into the nightlife of musical performances. Anything that has to do with the spoken word in ways of artistic expression is of interest to her.




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