Reno, NV

From Dark City
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ParticipantsBastian, Cupid, Jack, Maisie, Oz, Tycho
Plot SummaryEscaping the Firestorm of Phoenix, the Throng makes their way towards a fresh and quieter start in Reno.


Setting up in the back parking lot of a nearly abandoned suburban mall, The Carnivale finds a much quieter and more peaceful home to put down roots. Virginia rents out a run down old strip motel across the street from the mall, giving everyone in the Carnivale a break from their trailers and RVs and a chance to settle into small motel rooms. For what seems like the first time in forever the Carnivale can breath.

In the center of the city there is an old Casino that has seen better days. While some still visit the rattling old slot machines on the first floor and a few tourists even go see the doddering old crooners in the theater, no one stays in the floors of rooms that stretch above. While the majority of those floors have been closed off to the public for nearly two decades there is something going on up there. Even from the street level the Throng can feel the thrum of Azoth high above them. Something is waiting high above.

Across the city there are reports of brown outs, as electrical power supplies seem to wax and wan at the strangest of time. As lights flicker, the Throng can see the signs that are coming. Some one, some where in the city is trying to draw on Divine Fire. Is it a errant Alchemist, a lost Created, or something so much worse? The Throng needs to find out what is going on and how it might effect them.


Title Date Location Cast Summary
Tragic That It Doesn't Work 2024-02-03 A Rest Stop Oz, Jack Jack and Oz talk at a rest stop.
I'm Afraid, Too 2024-02-04 Jack's Trailer Jack, Maisie Jack and Maisie talk after the movie, about clothes and other things.
Fire in the Belly 2024-02-09 Gas Station Jack Unexpectedly drawn into a little thief-and-con scheme, Jack is... helpful.
Beacon in the Sky 2024-02-16 Bastian, Oz Bastian and Oz investigate the mysterious Azothic resonance at the top of the old casino. They face familiar dangers, and Bastian learns a secret.
Real Heartache in a Fake Heart 2024-02-12 Jack's Trailer Jack, Maisie Jack shows Maisie some books she found on vampires, for science and for murder.
Valentine's Day Gift 2024-02-14 Jack's Trailer Maisie Maisie leaves a gift for Jack.
Potato Tears 2024-02-11 Jack's Trailer Jack, Tycho Jack gives Tycho vodka and shows him the books she got on vampires. They agree Tomas needs to die.
When Lightning Strikes 2024-02-16 Reno Jack, Maisie, Tycho Tycho, Maisie, and Jack are out on a casual stroll when they run into something unexpected.
Make Em Sing 2024-02-23 Cupid Cupid meets Jaden and convinces the man to follow his singing dreams.
The Call of Divine Fire Jack, Maisie, Tycho Three Prometheans and a baby (Promethean)
What Could Go Wrong? 2024-02-28 Tycho Tycho has trauma.
The Face of Darkness 2024-02-28 A Junkyard Bastian Bastian faces off against a terrible creature.
Trip Into Town 2024-02-23 Reno Mall Jack, Maisie, Tycho Just a trip to the mall. And Jack stole a golf cart.
The Haunted Room of Illusions 2024-03-29 Le Carnivale Magnifique Jack, Maisie Maisie and Jack go to the Haunted House at the Mag and turns out it -is- actually haunted.
The Haunted Room of Illusions part 2 2024-03-09 Le Carnivale Magnifique Bastian, Jack, Maisie, Tycho The throng goes back to the Haunted House.
Location Creator Effective Azoth Category Size Fade Torment Enviroment Effects Description
None - - - - - - - - -
None - - - - - - - - -
None - - - - - - - - -