Red Hook Grain Terminal

From Dark City

Red Hook Grain Terminal
Chronicle New York"New York" is not in the list (New York City, Jericho, London, Carnivale, Black Flag) of allowed values for the "Chronicle" property.
Bonus +1 Brawl
Room Type Other

The Red Hook Grain Terminal in Brooklyn was envisioned as a key part of Brooklyn’s waterfront, but just three years after its construction critics wrote it off as “an expensive luxury.” Underutilized until it closed in 1965, the space now sits rotting at the mouth of the Gowanus Canal. The building is made up of a series of dilapidated 120-foot-tall silos, massive grain elevators and other infrastructure that create an urban explorer fantasy. The Blood Talons use the Grain Terminal as a meeting place, to settle scores, and to "spar" with one another.


Title Date Location Cast Summary
That's Not My Name
Blood Talon Tribal Moot about the Bale Hounds and Pure
Friendly Sparring at Red Hook
Planning a Sing Sing Incursion
Sparring with Wolves
Anne, Em, and Yas at Red Hook
Jet and Lex Initiate a Tribe