Red Baron Ink

From Dark City

Cali Born, New York Grown

 Founded in 2012 by a California transplant, Red Baron Ink has since grown to a twelve-man operation based in the heart of Chelsea. Both tattoo artists and piercers ply their trade within its walls, with top of the line art going out the door every day.


 One could describe the studio as punk rock but cozy, a number of booths housing the artists' tools and benches for their clients to rest on as the work is done packed together with posters from various musical acts and other art pieces plastered on the walls. Music is often playing over the speakers, although not at so loud a volume that conversation between those within can't be heard, and the air of the place is generally jovial.

Current Employees

Business Name
Established: 2012
Location: Chelsea, Manhattan
Owner: Grant Lubbock