Rebecca Willows

From Dark City

Rebecca Jane Willows
BirthdateJuly 15, 1992
SkintoneHoney tan with freckles
HairBrown, short undercut
OccupationForester / Hunter
ConceptThe Loyal Herbo
Played ByKaty O'Brian
Player NameCaffiend / CallMePrismatic
StatusActive PC


Bex is as thick as the trees she fells. She's in her early 30's and never moves her large frame with a buoyant joy that's either infectious or annoying, depending on your disposition. You can often find her in faded jeans, a white singlet, and a flannel shirt with her sleeves rolled up (as well as a modest helping of sawdust). Her broad face is usually sporting an even broader smile.


"...her throat one long howl that Gideon only translated later: Fidelity! Fidelity! Fidelity!" -- Tamsyn Muir, Gideon the Ninth.

Becca has been described as a golden retriever in the past, and the comparison is not inaccurate. She's always been first to lend a helping hand to anyone in need, and while she never won a prize for her smarts (or lack thereof), her sense of community can't be questioned.

As a girl, Bex was always a tomboy, and that didn't change as she became a woman. Never one to back down from a challenge, she developed a taste for athletic triumphs over her friends, proving to be a humble winner and loser. Early adolescence saw a string of broken hearts, which led Becca to spend a lot of time out in the hills to get away from it all. She always came back though, usually covered in sweat and timber to fix someone's table.

Rebecca took on a series of odd jobs until she finally earned a position as a forester (or lumberjane, as she's often teased), but is more known for a variety of community projects. These include hunting trips, firearms safety training, and helping to maintain the trails in the national park. Embodying the mantra of 'work hard, play hard', 'the Jane' can be found after hours adding to the jovial atmosphere of The Schooner.

RP Hooks

Need a Hand? -- You can count on Bex to help out if you're in trouble (assuming you can find her).

The Really Great Outdoors -- Rebecca is often found out in the world getting her hands dirty in the woods. Wanna go hiking or hunting?

Like A Puppy -- Becca is a gentle giant, someone who is earnest and honest. This can sometimes get her into trouble. Perhaps you kicked this puppy, whether you meant to or not?


  • Jamie Murphy -- My oldest friend. I'll always have her back.
  • Eddie Jenkins -- Great guy, very good to talk shop with, all things hunting. Also a total softie.
  • Kyle Henley -- Oof. Poor kid. I always have a couch for him.
  • Arlene Kinsey -- The world has done her dirty, but gosh, her potential!
  • Joshua Caldwell -- Okay, so he's a city boy, but he's good with his trade, and he actually seems to enjoy what we have here.
  • Johnathan Stockel -- Yeah, he's a bit goofy, but he's harmless. He's also Jamie's brother, so I have to like him.
  • Rusty Murphy -- Jerk. But I hate being mad at one of my best friends, ugh!
  • Lucy Jordan -- She has a really good heart. She deserves better.
  • Colt Murphy -- One time I called him Dad by accident. It didn't feel wrong.


Title Date Location Cast Summary
Shrimp, Grits, and Woodstock 2023-06-15 Jamie's House Jamie Murphy, Rebecca Willows Becca comes over for dinner and drinks at Jamie's place;the old friends catch up.
The Hootenanny 2023-06-16 Angel Cleary, Travis Martinez, Rusty Murphy, Lucy Jordan, Laura Thompson, Jamie Murphy, Arlene Kinsey, Eddie Jenkins, Rebecca Willows A Hootenanny at June's Country Kitchen
Mages by the Water 2023-06-17 Hutchin's Pond Arlene Kinsey, Rebecca Willows Espy and Fidelity discuss moving forward.
Secret Suzie Showdown 2023-06-24 Arlene Kinsey, Laura Thompson, Rebecca Willows Paladin, Espy, and Fidelity go to the Kellum House to investigate a strange anomaly.
A Little Excitement and Fun 2023-06-28 Grey County High School Jamie Murphy, Rebecca Willows Becca and Jamie break into the high school to use the crash mat.
Drude And Fidelity Stalk A Man! 2023-07-03 Jay Watts, Rebecca Willows Drude and Fidelity tail Jesse Kellum after connecting him to suspicious necromancy.
Cabal Meeting No. 1 2023-07-06 Laura Thompson's Home Arlene Kinsey, Jay Watts, Laura Thompson, Rebecca Willows The Jericho Cabal meets to discuss the Kellums and Mountains Rest.
Mountains Rest Part 1 2023-07-08 Mountains Rest Arlene Kinsey, Jay Watts, Laura Thompson, Rebecca Willows The Jericho Cabal looks for Jesse Kellum at Mountains Rest.
Mountain's Rest Part 2 2023-07-07 Arlene Kinsey, Jay Watts, Laura Thompson, Rebecca Willows The finale at Mountain's Rest
The mission, the men, me 2023-07-14 Laura Thompson, Rebecca Willows Fidelity and Paladin talk about ethics, duty, and compassion in the wake of the incident at Mountain's Rest -- and perhaps even learn a thing or two about each other.
Jasmine Rebecca Willows, Eddie Jenkins Becca purchases a new bow from Eddie, and there's nothing sus about it at all.
Jolene, Jolene 2023-07-22 Arlene Kinsey, Laura Thompson, Rebecca Willows Jolene has been talking to a tree, and that's... pretty odd.
Back to Mountain's Rest 2023-08-19 Mountain's Rest Arlene Kinsey, Rebecca Willows, Laura Thompson Hiss.