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  • Height: 5'11
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Black
  • Description: Raz is an individual with relatively average height; he hits about 5'11, with dark hair always exactly how he wants it. His green eyes have a sharpness, and is by far his more noticable feature. His clothing tends to take on a more elaborate or 'fashionable' bent; halter tops, "fur" coats, bright colors, and other options that would gather attention. Jewelry is his favorite accessory, and he has an abundance of it. Rings, knuckle rings, necklaces, several earrings (though none match) are commonly spotted. He also has an afinity for candy, as noted by his nearly constant consumption of suckers.

As Anna, Raz is a slender woman with sharper features, and long brown hair that has a certain wave to it. She often wears relatively soft makeup, and clothing that accentuates her figure.


Raz is difficult to pin down, largely because he takes on so many roles as needed (sometimes he wonders if he is who he is). Typically he's the sort of person who loves to encourage others to be honest with themselves, to enjoy the finer things in life, and feel good about who they are. When he becomes Anna, he's even more outgoing, a known flirt, and nigh on shrill to mimic the exuberance of the ladies in his club. Most of all he's the sort of person who is relatively calm in person. When given the ability to indulge, the calm can lead into a hidden sadism he reserves mostly for hunts.

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RP Hooks
Taste the Rainbow: Raz is an open queer who is relatively active in his community. He attends the parades, the clubs, the drag shows, and generally any place he can manage.

Maybe They're Born With It: Makeup and clothes are something he indulges. You'll find him in places where beauty products are abundant, either as Raz or Anna.

Native: Raz was originally from NY, where he was thrown out of his home at an early age, and spent a good portion of time doing various work there. He found comradery in fellow workers, homeless, and other people often thrown to the side.

Night Life: On his return, Razvan is opening his own queer club; Last Rites. It's intended to, not just be a place where queer people can gather and celebrate, but where Uratha can as well, whether with humans, or in a more private space.

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Razvan Costea


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Deed Name: TBD
Pronouns: He/Him as Raz, She/Her as Anna
Blood/Bone: Monster/Puppeteer
Public Effects: Primal Urge 2
Occupation: Owner of Last Rites
Auspice: Elodoth
Tribe: Iron Master

Cunning ♦
Glory ♦
Honor ♦♦♦♦
Purity ♦

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Played By: CToast