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Ramon Navarro



Legal Name: Ramon Navarro
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 28
Birthday: 18 May 1993
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 170lbs

Public Effects

  • Language (Spanish)
  • Face in the Crowd
  • Back Road Atlas
  • Blind (One Eye)
  • Unseen Sense (Ghosts)

  • Vibes~[XXXX|Play me]


- Someone Fancy

Description: Bla.

Personality: Bla


RP Hooks

  • The Obvious
    It is not hard to see that Ramon's eye is missing. He usually wears a black eye patch. He doesn't like to talk about it, at least not with people he doesn't know well.
    [Phantom Limb (One eye)]
  • Girls on Film
    Ramon's passion is photography and so he also has a Bachelor of Journalism and a Master of Fine Arts. He studied both in his home country. He is looking into opening a studio in New York City.
  • Ranging Rook Bear-in-the-hole
    Ramon enjoys playing Shogi with passion and also Go from time to time. When he can, he also likes to play another strategic board game. Or a classic game like backgammon.
  • Photojournalists
    There is an event? Especially something about the occult? Or about Human rights, Drug cartels, Paramilitärs, Corruption and freedom of the press. He is there. From time to time he works as columnist and commentator, and does other freelance work.[Contacts (Occultist, Journalists, Case Workers), Allies (Police)]
  • ¡Buenos días!
    Born in Colombia and raised in Bogotá he speaks fluent spanish and has a slight accent.





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