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Rakesh is an unassuming man. His dark hair is maybe a little shaggy, sometimes, his stubble is always there, his dark eyes intense, but not so intense that you're gonna remember them. In fact, there's not much about Rakesh that's memorable - he's fairly average in height and build, and while sure, he's attractive, so are millions of other people who live in NYC. He favors plain, worn-in clothes, casual enough not to attract notice but always clean and put together. All in all, there's very little to make him stand out from the crowd, and he likes it that way.

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  • Aria - former colleague. Would take a bullet for her (or worse.) Don't tell her that.


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RP Hooks
Two Can Keep a Secret if One of Them is Dead (Crime) - How Rakesh keeps food on the table is maybe a little bit of a mystery, to those who aren't in the know, as it were. "Something-something private security something" is all he'll really reveal before a change in subject. Those more entrenched in the criminal world know he has a growing reputation as a professional and discrete gun for hire, with a specialization in marksmanship and sniping.

Need someone gotten rid of at long range? Rakesh is your man. He's freelance too, when the "security firm" he works for isn't tugging too tightly on his leash.

Back to the Garden (Anyone) - Rakesh can often be found in any of a number of parks around any of the boroughs (though Van Cortlandt Park is a particular favorite), or else getting his hands dirty in a community garden. Or the private one on his rooftop, cultivating flora both benign and...otherwise.
Do you have a green thumb, too?

I Thought of You, and Where You'd Gone (Anyone) - Rakesh is grieving the loss of a loved one. Maybe you've seen him at Green-Wood Cemetery at some point over the past few years, or have attended one of the few grief counseling groups he's gone to.

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Rakesh Baig

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Pronouns: He/They

Apparent Age: 30s

Concept: Green-thumbed Hit Man

Public Effects:
Status (Criminal Underworld): ••
Multilingual (Punjabi, Arabic)
Face in the Crowd

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Played By: JackOfCats