Raines Law Room

From Dark City


Owned by Natasha Arroyo, there is no sign of an obvious entrance at Raines Law Room in Chelsea, just a covered set of stairs, a beautiful door carved out of cherrywood, and a small sign next to it that reads:

The Raines Law Room -- ring the bell and someone will attend to you.

It's a cocktail bar and speakeasy-style lounge, spread elegantly across multiple rooms with plenty of cozy nooks and crannies in which to settle, some exclusively for the members of the All Night Society. It has a lowkey but sophisticated aura, without excessive pomp or frills; in general, the vibe was intimate and quiet, and servers could be summoned via a pulley doorbell system.

Borough Manhattan
Summary A low-key but sophisticated speakeasy with private rooms for Kindred and Ghoul VIPs.
Sphere Vampire
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