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Rachel Delphina Goode

Full Name: Rachel Delphina Goode
Birthdate: June 5, 1997
Apparent Age: 20’s
Occupation: Tattoo Artist

Race: Uratha
Auspice Rahu
Tribe: Storm Lords

Beggin for Thread - Banks
Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels - Todrick Hall
All The Row Boats - Regina Spektor
Call Me Cruella - Florence + The Machine
Sweet Sacrifice - Evanescence
Bury a Friend - Billie Eilish

Don't know what you were getting yourself into...

The heavy heat of summer air; lightning between your teeth and thunder in the distance like the purr of a feral animal. She walks like jaws snapping, at heels, at fingers, on spines; assured and powerful perched on shoes that extend the architecture of her bones. Perhaps every step is agony, but she thrives---the smell of gun powder and honey, her hair and under her nails the summer smell of cordite like fireworks. When she smiles, it is like a wound; she sighs like a collapsing lung and laughs like a gun shot.

You should have known, secretly, I think you knew...

We are beasts, and this is our consolation… – Not quite human, not quite a beast but something in between with a storied spiritual heritage. Uratha walk widdershins along the outskirts of this world, not really belonging in this world or the spirit world. Rachel knows this better than most but less than some.
Heat Lightning… – There's a stereotype about Storm Lords, and probably a couple of less-than charitable jokes too, but Rachel has the aesthetic down like it's her job. Not only does she look like it might please her greatly to ruin your day, but even her shoes give most people confidence issues. Hail to the Queen.
Must be a full moon… – The full-moon born have a stereotype of intensity associated with them that is, in regard to Rachel, fully earned. She has a beauty to her that isn't entirely about physical appearance (though there's that as well); it's about danger. She's lovely in the way that the sea is lovely---beautiful and terrible. And potentially willing to punch through your car window (allegedly).
The Blood Mirror... - Through a quirk of genetics, Rachel is half of a set of mirror twins. Without going into graphic detail about the splitting of zygotes, functionally what is important is that Rachel's internal organs are 'flipped' for lack of a better term. Her heart is oriented slightly to the right of her midline, her liver lurks under the left edge of her rib cage and her stomach curves to the right. Everything is flip flopped.
Seven pieces of silver... - Rachel is good with money. From saving it, to investing it, to shuffling it around in ways that might make a forensic accountant green with envy, she is one of those women capable of utilizing her considerable resources to perform veritable magic tricks. Want to see her make a pencil disappear?
Girlboss - Rachel has a take-charge attitude that a charitable person might call driven and a less charitable one would call abrasive and a rude one would devolve into expletives. Regardless, she gets things done. One way or another..
The crown of thorns... – Rachel owns a tattoo shop, and works there with her twin sister Leah. The Crown of Thorns tattoo shop is only about a year and a half old, but they have some dedicated customers and they make a decent living.


The Usual Suspects

Partners in Crime

Leah - "We were born like tangled vines..."
Lonnie - "Deadly nightshade, poison oak, give me the wild, wild wood..."





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