Raber Sehbaz

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Court-summer.png “Protect what you love.”Seeming-ogre.png
The heart and face of the Hall of Victory, the Freeholds beloved Fae-Touched. Raber is a nice guy who likes to talk and enjoy the company of others he eases the hearts of the people that talk to him, but he also tries not to see their future.. which always gives him a bitter taste.
RP Hooks
  • Fae-Touched - Raber is a Fae-Touched and sworn to the Freehold. He is a favourable member of Summer.
  • Diviner - He is an excellent Diviner and very useful for the court.
  • Hall of Victory - Raber is one of the bartenders of the Hall of Victory and is always open for some chatting.
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Raber Sehbaz (NPC)
Raber Sehbaz1.png
Pronouns: He/Him
Apparent Age: 20's
Occupation: Bartender
Public Effects: Court GoodwillDot-filled.pngDot-filled.png

Court: Summer