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Note: This plot is intended for the Vampire sphere. That doesn't mean that other people can't potentially get involved, especially if someone reaches out to them, but please try to leave the focus of the plot for Vampire characters.


With the danger posed by the Ghoul Cult under hand, the Kindred have begun to notice practioners of magic appearing in the city. The relationship between Kindred and Awakened remains to be determined...

Known Awakened

Plot Details So Far

  • Johnny Braddock recounted the following in a debriefing available to the Sheriff and Deputies:
    • Three subjects, two male, one female, one male estimated in their 40's, the other two estimated in their 20's. Wore casual attire, leather jackets, combat boots. Younger man had a golden wand.
    • Subjects tracked down a vampire held in torpor by the Sheriff and abducted the vampire after killing the guards.
    • Subjects were located in an underground basement of a country club, that seemed to be simply a convenient temporary location.
    • Subjects were hostile from the get-go, attacked Eris via ambush. Did not have the opportunity to establish a dialogue.
    • Blood was recovered from one of the subjects.
    • Observed capabilities, unknown which could do what in most cases:
      • Able to turn metal into a liquid and then back to a solid without heating it (Used to overcome locked doors).
      • Able to eliminate all footage from the scene of the abduction (unknown methods, no evidence of tampering).
      • Able to make a giant safe vault door simply disappear without a trace.
      • Made a weapon shoot and kill its wielder.
      • Killed a ghoul without harming them in any way, simply dead.
      • Able to pierce through obfuscations.
      • Able to see in absolute darkness or ignore not being able to see.
      • Able to create an illusionary wall.
      • Attempted to destroy a weapon through some magical power.
      • Able to redirect arrows in flight.
      • Woman attempted to possess me and did something to piss off Eris that I couldn't observe.
      • Older man attempted to take control of the shadows.
      • Younger man launched lightning at Eris.
      • Woman teleported all three of them away.
  • Quinn Martin offers:
    • I've come across Genesis recently. We happened to want different things from the same vault and ended up working together briefly.
    • Genesis shared that "[He] makes things". He was otherwise evasive on questioning, as expected.
    • He was after a metallic cube that I believe is a platonic exemplar -- a perfect example of something. This has metaphysical clout, but I cannot confirm an immediate use for it.
    • Genesis seemed to have no concern about being recorded on site.
    • We believe Genesis was alone, but cannot confirm this. If so, Genesis showed the following capabilities:
      • Either supernatural stealth ability or just inherently stealthy (moved in perfect rhythm to their steps)
      • Created a duplicate of the item he stole; Cannot confirm integrity of the duplicate
      • Teleported away
      • Incapacitated/Killed (we didn't have time to check) a mortal guard

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