Portia Colvin

From Dark City

Mortal.png The nights were mainly made for saying things you cannot say tomorrow day. - Arctic Monkeys
The daughter of Samuel and Vanessa Colvin, an old money family in NYC who reached their fame on Wall Street throughout the mid 1900s. The woman is known for her long list of friends and her lavish high-society parties.
RP Hooks
  • Ghosts - What many do not know about Portia Colvin is that she sees ghosts. So sensitive to the gift in fact, she takes to partying and substances to keep them at bay. Her gift came after a near brush with death, though getting her to open up about that instance or what she can really see will take more than witty banter. Among the Sin-Eaters, she has been known to occasionally make an appearance at the Tempest Lounge when the darkness can't be kept at bay. In return for the community's help, she's often funds small campaigns or gets access where many can't go. She keeps her list of favors owed in a little black book.
  • Party All Night - Perhaps you're rich or famous enough to have attended one of her parties? Or perhaps you snuck in and got a taste of the night life among a Colvin.
  • Art - Portia is a lover of fine art. Perhaps she's purchased one of your pieces?
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Portia Colvin (NPC)
Pronouns: She/Her
Apparent Age: Late 20's, Early 30's
Occupation: Old Money Socialite
Public Effects: Fame 2 (NY Society)
Presence 3
Striking Looks (Alluring)