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Court-winter.png “All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”― Edgar Allan Poe Seeming-fairest.png


Phoebe is of average height with dark black hair and deep dark eyes. When in her practice she dresses professionally with little makeup and wears large glasses, the rims typically either white, clear, or black. She has a pretty face but does nothing to accentuate it and dresses in simple black shirts or dresses. Her fashion sense tends towards the conservative and she would be forgetful if not for the fact she does have a natural beauty to her. When not at her practice or trying to "blend in," she tends to wear a little makeup to accentuate her looks and usually has a warm smile on her face. She is soft spoken and incredibly patient, usually always letting other people do the talking, but when she does speak it can warm emotions or chill hearts to the bone. No matter which way she turns the conversation, the tranquil look in her eyes and the small smile on her full lips never seem to fade. When not at her practice her fashion stays dark, nothing to flashy, but it does cling to her just a little more, shows a little more while leaving much to the imagination.


When the mask is removed, the charmingly cute Phoebe becomes absolutely gorgeous. Full curves with slightly ashen skin, long thick black hair that shines as if it were made of a plastic or latex. Her eyes are blood red with no irises or pupils to see. Her nails are longer and sharp and always black. Her voice seems a half octave lower and far more commanding. To those not looking directly at her, she also seems to fade slightly, as if she were ethereal. A half remembered dream that snaps back into focus when ones vision would find her in it.


Like Most winter mantles, Phoebe's is subtle. The area around her becomes cooler the longer she remains in it. Things around her begin to lose heat, coffee becoming colder quicker, meals turning stale before they are finished. Her hands are always cold to the touch as if she had bad circulation and the air becomes exceedingly dry. With active magic a cool breeze blows around her and through her hair, growing stronger with stronger magic. When around those that are sad, the coldness picks up on their emotion and causes slight flurries to appear in the area at the corner of the eye.

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RP Hooks
Therapist (Anyone, Medical) - Going through a hard breakup? Dealing with deep seated parental issues? The pink elephant won't go away? Phoebe is always willing to listen and lend a sympathetic ear at her practice. She is happily taking new clients and vows to never let anything that is said in her office leave her office. For those that want something more than just someone to talk at for an hour, Phoebe also offers hypno-therapy and dream interpretation.

Oneiromancer (Changelings) - Phoebe is a gifted Oneiromancer and can often be found in her dreams, or the dreams of others. Sometimes to get to the root of an issue its best to see what the subconscious builds, and there is no better place for this than in ones dreams. She will act as a guide for those that are curious, and will happily teach others her methods as well.

Coffee Nut (Anyone) - Coffee. It is an obsession. It is a gift from the gods. Ambrosia is coffee, and all true java junkies know this. Phoebe is a coffee enthusiast who is always on the look out for new recipes and beans to make the perfect cup of Joe. She is found all over New York, visiting coffee houses everywhere searching for the perfect bean or friend to speak to over a hot cup. Though, she tends to drink mostly iced coffees. Hot coffee tends to grow to cool to fast around her.

Nine of Swords (Changeling) - Phoebe is one of the Black Arcana, escaped from the Oracle and currently hiding in plain sight. She is thankful to the Queen of Swords who made it possible for her to escape, and is currently looking for other Arcana that need assistance or want to find the Queen. She is also willing to hide those on the run from loyalists of the Oracle.

Budding Hedge Farmer (Changeling) - Maybe it's to find hedge coffee beans, or at one point that is what started the passion, but Phoebe has found joy in starting a small farm in the hedge. She wants to learn more about the topic and share the fruits of her labor with others in the free hold. Do you know where to find some rare fruit? Do you want to spend a day making smoothies with fresh hedge produce? Phoebe is your friend!

Shaping up (Athletics) - Phoebe wants to get in better shape. She is actively looking for classes or a trainer that can help her hone her body and make it more athletic. She tends to be to lazy to do this herself so she needs a friend to work out with.

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“As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?”Cassandra Clare

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Phoebe Lawson
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FULL NAME: Dr. Phoebe Lawson
TITLE(s): None (yet)
HEIGHT: 5'8"
BUILD: Lithe
OCCUPATION: Psychiatrist
SEEMING: Fairest
KITH: Cleverquick
COURT: Winter
KEEPER: The Oracle
MINOR ARCANA: Nine of Swords
  • Mantle (Winter): Dot-filled.png Dot-filled.png Dot-filled.png
  • Status (Medical): Dot-filled.png
  • Striking Looks (Charming): Dot-filled.png Dot-filled.png
  • Sympathetic Dot-filled.png Dot-filled.png

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Played By: Lyre