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A lithe blonde woman of about 5 ft 7 inches, with dark rings around her blue eyes. Usually sports dark, concealing fashion - and does her best not to stick out in a crowd. She's surly and standoffish - but if you can get past that, you'll find a woman with a razor-sharp wit, a deep desire for justice, and a troubled sense of faith.

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RP Hooks
Coronial Inquest: Phoebe works at the city's Office of the Chief Medical Examiner as a forensic pathologist. She's known among her colleagues for a voracious, consuming attention to detail and borderline obsessive work ethic. She'll take the cases no one wants to handle, and has a special love for the strange, perplexing, and seemingly impossible ones. If you need a medical examiner, she's a great choice - provided you can deal with her many eccentricities.

From the Barstool...:When she's not on the job, Phoebe can frequently be found crawling the city's bars and pubs - if the alcohol is cheap and halfway decent, and they don't cut her off when they probably should, she'll go there. The polite call her a heavy drinker. The honest call her an alcoholic. Whatever you want to call her, she's usually looking for a drinking buddy.

...To the Church Stoup: Every Sunday - usually nursing a killer hangover - Phoebe makes her way to St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church for service. She also gives confession frequently. If you ask her if she believes in God, she'll say no most of the time. But she wears a crucifix around her neck and knows more than just her 'Hail Marys' and 'Our Fathers.' There's rumors that her father was a priest, but she's unlikely to answer if you ask her the truth behind that claim. If you have a relationship with the Church - complex or simple - you may run into her.

Amateur Occultist: Phoebe frequents occult bookstores across the city with the same frequency that she visits the Church. She's got a wide circle of friends and contacts in the scene, and she seems to have a particular interest in demonology, possession, and exorcisms. She poses as more of a skeptic than a true believer, but the more time she spends delving into the subject matter, the more she starts to resemble a believer. Come talk about the Lesser Key of Solomon with her.

Dog Mom: Phoebe is the loving owner of a sharp, well-trained German Shepard named Arthur. Whatever time she isn't spending on the job, doing research, or at the bar, she's spending with him at parks all over the city. Central Park is Arthur's favorite place for a walk - and he is far more approachable and friendly than his owner.

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Phoebe Gallagher
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Full Name: Phoebe Gallagher

Pronouns: She/Her
Profession: Medical Examiner
Medical 1
Law Enforcement 1
Virtue: Justice
Vices: Cynical, Addictive

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Played By: Neon