Petra Island

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Petra Island
Chronicle New York"New York" is not in the list (New York City, Jericho, London, Carnivale) of allowed values for the "Chronicle" property.
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This Tur is located in Mahopac, Ny, Petra Island, frequently referenced as 'Hart Island' among the people, is an 11 acre island featuring a main house, 2 guest houses, a tea house, boat dock, pool, and helipad. Accessible only by boat or helicopter, the property has been in the St. Clair family since the 50's.

While it has always been a retreat to local wolves with permission from the St. Clair family, about a decade ago patriarch Johnathan St. Clair made it an open invite taking one of the guest house for himself, and leaving the main house and other guest house for the use of the people. With his death at the beginning of the year, the property has been inherited by his granddaughter Zoe St. Clair and recently been reopened to the people.

The Memorial. At the heart of the island a garden has formed, despite the chill of seasons, it flourishes in memory of those who have fallen over the past decade in the fight against the wound and the balehounds, Pure and Forsaken alike. Placards declare the name, birthday and death day of the fallen, and tell about the flowers and plants in their section of the garden. Noting that this flower is known as a symbol of purity, and that cleverness, clearly acknowledging the renown of the fallen.

What is absent is any identifier of who is Pure and who is Forsaken, for in this, they were on the same side.

Equipment: The Island sports a top of the line motor board, a beat up outboard motorboat, and 4 jetski


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