Petrónia Horváth

From Dark City

Mortal.png "Scientia potentia est." Mortal.png
Petrónia is an immigrant. She doesn’t talk about her past but she tries to find out yours, okay she tries to find out everything about you... And her sweet smile really makes you talk. But next to chatting her shop sells various kinds of weird things she acquired over the years. But her main work is selling and getting information and items to her customers.
RP Hooks
  • Immigrant - She is Hungarian by nationality. Perhaps you're an immigrant, too? Do you need help with settling in or legal activities?
  • Foodie - Roaming the local food scene she is often seen at event’s or at the newest food locations in the city. Need advice, this is even for free!
  • You break it you buy it - She owns a thrift shop in the Bronx called “La Quincaillerie” that also is her base of operations. Got something weird? Petrónia will buy it.
  • G0t w4r3z? - Petrónia can get you almost anything, Alternate ID’s, Information,
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Petrónia Horváth (NPC)
Pronouns: She/Her
Apparent Age: Late 20's
Occupation: Shop Owner “La Quincaillerie”

Information Brooker/Hacker

Public Effects: Fixer

Libary 3 (Occult), Taste (Food), Status 2 (Crime)

Language: Hungarian, French, English