Persephone Laboratories

From Dark City

Persephone Laboratories is managed by it's CEO Moira Reverie and CTO Alexis Donovan. The best-in-class facility takes private research and federal contracts, attracting some of the top technicians in the United States. The building exterior is the height of modern brutalism surrounded by lush greenery, creating the feeling of secrecy and seclusion.

The lab provides exclusive services for the Kindred of New York by accepting 'Special Projects'. Persephone can provide private suites for sensitive research or access to chemicals and components that are difficult to obtain without scrutiny. The Office of the Sheriff receives these services free of charge when serving the City.


  • Science Facilities (+3 Science Workshop)
  • Medical Labs (+3 Medicine Workshop)
  • Forensics Technicians (Staff: Investigation)
  • Researchers (Staff: Science)

Borough Queens
Summary A private research facility and product development laboratory.
Sphere Vampire
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