Penumbra Hall

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Penumbra Hall
Chronicle New York"New York" is not in the list (New York City, Jericho, London, Carnivale) of allowed values for the "Chronicle" property.
Owner Ryan Troha
Bonus +1 to Academics and +2 to Occult rolls.
Room Type Other

There is no material path to the underground Penumbra Hall but through solid concrete and steel. The only other way to get there is to travel through the Hisil, and out again through the Hall's Loci. Underground and cavernous, the Penumbra Hall is half mystical enclave and half library, and from chambers in the back, the echo of howled rite songs can be heard. Other Tribe members are permitted here provided they have been introduced at the Hall by another Bone Shadow, and bring no ill will, and disrupt no proceedings. Ryan Troha has a fetish that will allow Blooded to enter the Hall.


Title Date Location Cast Summary
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Elizabeth Opens Up.
The Bale Hound's Agenda: Researching the Bloodstone
The Ley of the Land
Stick the Landing
What You're Looking For
Mapping the Ley Lines
Ley Line Practical Theory
Bone Shadow Tribal Moot about Bale Hounds
Escorting the Pure through Penumbra Hall
Sing Sing At the Hall
Lily's Sage Advice
Pole Daddy Confirmed????
Despite Everything
Accidental Blooded Book Club
The Bone Shadows Hunt
The Black Archives: Swifty
Where the Hall Things Are
Caitriona & Salim Meet
Investigating the Stains
Erasing Ink Stains
Red Eye Research
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