From Dark City

“Oh you look delicious... Lets have some fun...”
Arthur Wayland



Entrance / Ground Floor

The outside of Penance is almost reminiscent of a fortress, multiple floors, with four quite sizable suit clad doormen who manage the red velvet rope. Seemingly appraising each person getting in for if they have just the -right- amount of leather, style or equipment about them, a well crafted and perfectly presented suit is -almost- as welcome as a body bound tightly in leather. Past this first set of security results in having to traverse a reasonably long corridor, at the end of which is another doorman and door, this door is by default open, but the set up clearly acts as a way of shutting out anyone who might have rushed past the doormen out front.

The main room feels momentarily like traditional nightclub fare, red leather clad booths go a long way to offering both the sense of privacy and togetherness amongst those gathered at each table and provide all the risk of any indecent act being exposed to the rest of the club. The key difference though is in the lack of dance floor, instead the booths form a U shape around a slightly elevated central stage. The stage looks well equipped for a variety of performances and depending on your particular night of the week you might find nothing, water tanks, suspension ropes, cages or whatever else might have taken the hosts fancy for that particular evening. Though Wednesdays are dedicated to water tanks.

At the far end of the room from the entrance and behind the booths is the bar, there’s no place to sit, only stand and to take your order away with you. Behind it stands one or both of the bar staff, one a woman wearing the attire of a circus ring mistress whip on her hip and all, the other a rather large man of colour, hair braided back in thick dreadlocks.

Next to the bar is an archway, leading to a flight of stairs up and out of sight from the everyday patrons. Just in front of this archway, is the booth that Arthur is most frequently located in, on the rare occasion he isn’t to be found on the clubs main floor, the woman dressed as a circus ring mistress is found in the booth instead.

Second Floor

At the top of the stairs is another corridor, each side lined with doors. Each door leads to it’s own small and private little dungeon. The rooms vary in purpose and equipment, but to provide but a few examples:

The first door on the right leads to the ‘velvet’ room, quite a relaxed little room considering all else that’s on offer within the place, though it feels rather grand and royal in bearing. A nice plush royal purple renaissance styled velvet two seater sofa is the center focus of the room, though positioned in one corner is a black steel ‘bird’ cage, big enough to fit one human comfortably, two uncomfortably, and behind the sofa is a renaissance style wooden wardrobe, no doubt full of all manner of toys and tools.

The Third door on the left, is clearly a more dedicated and ‘standard’ style dungeon, metal cages, whips and other instruments of pain on walls, stocks and wooden crosses abound. The centerpiece of the room however is what appears to be a genuine stretching table, primed for pulling a body taunt.

The fifth door on the right the room has clearly been set up for 'play' with water devices, amongst the items within are several hoses, two what can only be described as fish tanks large enough to fit two people in each, as well as an upright ‘houdini’ tank, which would allow just one person in a standing position, though of note it's taller than any human would likely reasonably be, of note there is a cage and a winch system in this room too, the cage is just -perfectly- sized to be dunked into the houdini tank.

The room at the end of the corridor is marked with a permanent ‘private - invited guests only’ plaque at eye height. Within is much like the first room, nice royal purple colours, velvet upholstery, substantially more space (And more cages).It’s clearly designed almost more like a living room to host guests with the capacity for some play, rather than with play in mind.

Established: 2019
Location: Manhattan
Owner: Arthur Wayland

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