Patient Tongue

From Dark City

Note: This plot is intended for the Vampire sphere. That doesn't mean that other people can't potentially get involved, especially if someone reaches out to them, but please try to leave the focus of the plot for Kindred and Ghoul characters.


A young promising Scourge under the command of Sheriff Dazai is unable to retain vitae after the hunt of a trespassing neonate.

Plot Details So Far

  • Caroline Banks called Sheriff Dazai to The Iroquois Hotel to explain his current predicament. After Mab's orders to hunt and kill a trespassing neonate, one of the Scourges Amy Powell, on Dazai's team began to show strange symptoms of being unable to retain vitae. While she is in quarantine, her days are numbered.

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IC Rumors

  • Quinn Martin: "Garrett Wallace (AKA Brian Lowe) first paid for a hotel room on April 14. He's moved around: Starting in the Bronx, moving to Long Island for a short time, then back to the Bronx (in Castle Hill). Otherwise, Wallace/Lowe stayed off the grid, staying in places he can lay low; No car and no purchases outside of housing. Recently, he was squatting in the York Studios, near Soundview Park, cleared by the Sheriff.

    Wallace/Lowe show signs of being in a rush; they were poor at covering their tracks, but still lived off the grid. Wallace/Lowe claimed to be an Invictus Gangrel. I can confirm there is no member of the Invictus by either alias. Evidence shows he settled in Providence for quite some time before traveling to NYC along the coast.

    Banshee has already assembled a crew for investigating Soundview Park. If the Court has any connections to the kindred of Providence, I recommend we reach out to see if they have any familiarity with this issue."

  • Banshee's Note. Eris and Quinn receive word that a message was left for each of them at the Iroquois Hotel. At arrival, they are handed a sealed envelope addressed to 'Ms. Voltaire' and 'Mr. Martin', respectively. Inside, a handwritten note in striking calligraphy reads: "After careful examination, Doctor D. has found a working treatment for Ms. P. She is no longer at risk but remains in quarantine until the Doctor finds a cure." The message is signed with a stylized left eye shedding a tear.

  • Dr Dupree's Note After some testing and experimentation, some discoveries have been made, and some progress in discovering the nature of the situation afflicting the Scourge. In order to continuing advancement I will need the help of someone capable of digging through large amounts of encrypted data in the New York medical database.

  • Quinn Martin: I've found a series of individuals that went to the ER because they were sick and vomiting, that also showed signs of having been fed on. They have all since been released from the hospital. I have two missing persons in the Bronx (Stephanie Grass, college student; and Morgan Donnally, a barista) that I believe match the two we encountered at Soundview Park. The lack of subtly at all points of transmission should make this an easy outbreak to deal with.

  • Banshee's Message (July 21, 03:52 am). Eli, Eris and Quinn receive the following encrypted message from @b00geyl4dy_QQ titled "Timeline (WIP)"
    • April 14th – Mr. W arrives. Announces himself to P&S and is told to leave. Escorted out of the city. Court assumes he is gone.
    • April 14th to May 19th – Mr. W disobeys the edict and remains behind in the Bronx. Roams around Castle Hill and York Studios, both close to Soundview Park.
    • ??? – Took a short trip to Long Island.
    • May 20th – Reports reach the Court that Mr. W is still in the city
    • May 29th – Ms. P takes care of Mr. W.
    • June 1st – Ms. P reports having issues feeding.
    • June 3rd – Ms. B. hosts the Meeting in Manhattan

  • Eris Voltaire: Eris will track down Dr. Dupree, Quinn, and Banshee to give the following account: Okay, So. I have updates on the ritual that summoned the creatures. You want the good news or the bad news first? It doesn't take a whole coven to pull off, so probably it's just a lone practitioner. The creatures aren't all that invasive except to Kindred like us. Here's the fun part: Wallace is raising revenants, right? That's not supposed to happen. Definitely an outlier. Fun part number two: There's no spell to banish the creatures. We need to destroy the first to be bitten by it. So that was definitely not Wallace, or it wouldn't still be happening. Told ya it was fun. There's only one person in the city capable of this work, but she hasn't called on the void in years. We're looking at an outsider.

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