PRP:Crown of Thorns

From Dark City

Summary of Events

Late on a Friday night, people and People were winding down after a night of business. Most were gathering in the VIP room with the exception of Kit who remained with the crowd outside when those inside the VIP room could hear a sound within the dj booth. Upon entering the back stage, they were greeted with the sight of The Box left in the center of the room with the door to the alley cut in half.

Outside of the area, Kit caught sight of a woman exiting the club. Following her steps, he was able to obtain her scent before she vanished into the night of the city before returning to the rest of the group.

Inside the sound booth, Yasmine caught the scent of fresh blood outside into the alleyway where she discovered recently grown vegetation and human remains on one of the fire escapes. Climbing it, the thorns pricked her and in doing so, gave a cold numbing sensation before returning to the rest of the group.

Meanwhile, Lena, Simon, and Alexandra "Lex" Delune worked to puzzle out and open the box. The Box had more weight than on first inspection and initial attempts to break it open failed. In an attempt to open it, Simon used a knife as a makeshift crowbar which failed, causing a deep gash upon his hand. This caused one of the locks upon The Box to break and from it, movement could be heard inside.

Given the mystical nature of Simon's blood unlocking the device and other characteristics of the item, the group realizes The Box isn't entirely made from the material. It has the scent of the Hisil about it.

A series of tapping could be heard from inside, understood by Simon and Lena to be Morse code. Decoded, the message rang HELP ME THE ANDULIM AWAITS .

With Kit having returned to the group, he was able to parse some of the mundane locks upon The Box, allowing for Simon and Alexandra "Lex" Delune to finally lift the cover open, releasing the spirit Thorns-and-Bones.

Taking a few moments to materialize fully, Thorns-and-Bones asked for the whereabouts of a Thorn. Unable to have it's answer from the group, the spirit moved to the VIP room, damaging the bar in an attempt to get information from the place of execution of the "Bastard" which it was halted and forced to disincorperate by Alexandra "Lex" Delune and Simon.

With the night's events finally calming, Alexandra "Lex" Delune and Simon have moved The Box into safekeeping.

Inside The Box, the pair find the following:

A hammer.

A plant.

A phone wrapped in barbed wire.

A old stock ticker.

Seven large thorns.

An old business card.

Logs so far:

Part one: The Package