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Orianna is a Queens local, who just happens to own Blue's Autobody. She has a way with tools, automobiles, and motorcycles and is more than happy to show you around the shop and explain what is wrong with the various things that are in her garage at the time. More on the calm spectrum of socialite, she knows that any random person in the bar can be trouble and is more than able to take care of it.

Most of this changes if you get her behind the wheel. You might wish that you had an seatbelt, if you happen to be on a motorcycle, or and extra one if she is in a car. Maybe a race, maybe a getaway, it is hard to keep up with any thing with two or more wheels that she is driving.

Around her shop everyone calls her 'Blue' and she uses the nickname when conducting business for her shop. They all know her name but it is easier for everyone involved.

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RP Hooks
Sometimes you need something fixed. Car, Motorcycle, maybe something more exotic. Bring it by the shop in Queens, someone will take a look at it.

Sometimes you need something or someone moved. Leave a note for me and I can probably work something out for you.

The basic rule of life is that everyone is looking for something, maybe I can help. Whats that? What am I looking for? Just another free hour to go for a ride to the end of Long Island and back.

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Orianna Bruce

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Pronouns: She/Her/Just anything but 'Baby'.

Apparent age: Late 20s.
Occupation: Fixer, Driver, Mechanic.
Public Effects:
Status (Crime): 2
Status (Business): 2
- English
- Chinese (Mandarin)
- Japanese


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Played By: Erithmu