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"There are just as many ways to die, as there are to live...."


Ageless. Other Worldly. A shock of white hair, on a figure that looks too young for it. A face that is more prone to introspection and smirks, than sincere joy. With a graceful bearing, there is the distinct impression that the woman can navigate most social situations, and she has a range of outfits that support that. The sort of woman who never seems to wear the same thing twice.

Roleplaying Hooks

A Coin for the Journey (Geist):

Ophelia is a member of the Obol Society, some suspect she may even be the founding member. Largely due to her extensive trips to the underworld, and the frequency with which she guides others. It's rare that she'll share stories of her time there, but sometimes, when the mood hits just right, she darkly laugh and recount adventures long past....

The Oracle (Geist):

Past, future, Ophelia's lived in both as long as she can remember, and sometimes she brings answers back with her.

Gray's Anatomy:

"I've seen hundreds of these, I'm a big Grey's Anatomy Fan....though now that Alex has left....."

Need a stitch? A fracture reduced? Ophelia can help you out, though her bedside manner might be more than a little iffy, as she tells you exactly which season and episode of Gray's anatomy she learned this from.

Master of Ceremony:

As far as locals know, The Oracle has over a half dozen ceremonies that see regular use, and frequently picks up new ones.


Full Name: Ophelia Moore
Nicknames: The Oracle
Pronouns: She/Her
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Occupation: ...Tour Guide?
Age: Seriously?
Height: 5'5"
Public Effects:
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The Other Side:

Dread Geist: The Silenced Queen
Liminal Aura: 30 yards
Past and future seem meaningless, foliage, food, people, in a moment they are all in their infancy, they are all in their withering years, they are all dead, the cycle repeating, jarringly out of order, save the sinking, sinking, sinking feeling that all pasts, all futures, have the same outcome no matter the substance, item, person.

MCI: The Obol Society



NPC Connections

Ophelia and David have been seen deep in conversation just as often as they've been seen quietly reading at opposite ends of the room from each other. Friends? Acquaintances? Either way, they're clearly comfortable sharing space.
Uma and Ophelia have more than a little in common. Both seers, wise in the way of ceremonies, though how they go about life is quite different. Doesn't keep them from comparing notes from time to time.

Ishaan and Ophelia seem to have some history, often times it seems like the two are revisiting a past of crisis and care. Maybe he's really where she's picked up her medical know how, and not Gray's Anatomy?
Akasha and Ophelia seem to have a wary understanding when it comes to each other. Often finding the other has something useful, they're still cautious with their dealings. Don't trust the player....or the game.


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