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When beholding the tranquil beauty and brilliancy of the ocean's skin, one forgets the tiger heart that pants beneath it; and would not willingly remember that this velvet paw but conceals a remorseless fang.

Herman Melville "Moby Dick"

  • Height: 6'2
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Sea salt silver with black hair.
  • Description: Keeping his silver hair cut simply, Barrett's attire usually depends on the self appointed work of the day. Tourist diving or fishing, he plays the part of entertainer, dive captain, and tour guide of the various wreaks. When doing such, he is usually dressed in warm colors, having a straw brim hat with jeans. When off the job or helping to assist his other venture, Lilly in the Stream, his attire is much more muted and darker, usually paired with dark jeans and shirt to blend his features in.


When dealing with humans, Barrett is easy going. His personality at ease with spinning to the odd fable or story here and there, playing the part of an entertainer and public face of the dock that he owns. He's done his best to play the friendly if aloof boss to his staff and for the most part content to keep it that way, thus allowing him to take long escapades into the sea to preform his private business.

When sensing wolf blooded, he does his best to misdirect them without them picking up on his presence. His words subtly altering their course from his place of work or denying them passage upon the touring ships. The reason for this is quite simple: if nothing happens to any wolf blooded on his dock, the less reason for any Uratha to come sniffing around.

When sensing Uratha, he does his best to guard his presence. While certainly no Irraka, he does take private trips out to sea if he senses or gets wind of any Uratha starting to sniff around. For now this has served him well due to the fact that most scouting via Uratha packs don't seem that much interested in him. For now.

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RP Hooks
Great expectations:
Since arriving in NYC, Omaha Johnson Barrett has kept his head mostly down. Effectively handed the keys to manage what was considered by the rest of the family as a failing enterprise that was really only worth having as a vanity project, he does his best to manage the day to day activities and has actually turned a profit from it though he leaves the majority of the work to the staff on hand. However, even with keeping his head down, his essence and soul still radiates something linked to that most hardened of Anshega firstborn, resulting in the spirits occasionally mistaking him for such. He does his best to smooth over any mistakes with gathra but now after years of doing so, has come to find it tiresome. He's tired of hiding. Tired of laying low, wishing for the agents of those of who's image he has would pass on. In doing so, he has started to experiment with the limits of what he can do against the biggest obstacle there is: The Sea. Perhaps within those stygian depths will he finally find the freedom or power he seeks. 

The Deep Blue Sea:

Free from most hardships that wrack Uratha lives via din of his family's pockets while still paranoid of eyes on the street, Johnson has more or less turned to the sea for his refuge. He currently has three boats under his employee which are the Ursa Minor which is his fishing boat, The Invincible Two which is his scuba tourism boat, and the Lilly in the Stream which is a bookshop based out of a converted houseboat. From here, he tends to head out to explore various shipwrecks and started to chart out the local resonance as it flows across lay-lines. However, with a close call with a few of the more predatory courts, he has since moved on to fishing, reasoning that he can see about perfecting his fetish craft upon them. A fact that has annoyed some of them but he does his best to minimize the fallout with the supplication rites. 

Tourism and other problems:

Officially Johnson owns and in part, runs a scuba shipwreck exploration tour which takes people out to the nearby shipwrecks and gives them the tour and the history. He largely does this to give the isolated Uratha a social outlet but also a method to check up on some of his spots with the small undersea territory he has. This has allowed him to discover a small loci under one of the ships has a resonance of Decay which has allowed him to keep topped off on essence when not out hunting. However, he has been informed by one of his staff (Ms. Decor) who runs the Lily in the Stream that people visiting seem to have a more mystical bent to them. Early checks haven't turned up anything yet but he is starting to under if someone or something is scouting his area

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Omaha Johnson Barrett

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Human Life

Pronouns: He/They

Occupation: Marina owner. Side jobs: Ship wreak tour guide, tour fishing, and book shop owner.

Languages: English, First Tongue.

Owned boats: The Ursa Minor (Scuba Tourism), The Invincible II (Fishing Tourism), Lily In the Stream (Houseboat converted into bookshop.

Uratha Life

Tribe: Hunters in Darkness.

Pack: None currently.

Lodge: None currently.

Renown: Purity 1, Wisdom 3.

Primal Urge: 1

Outward effects: Embodiment of the Firstborn (Silver Wolf).

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Played By: Castus