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The One Day At A Time Club is a Temperance Bar tucked away in an alley in the shadow of the Chrysler Building, tucked Franklin Trust Company Building, considered the first skyscraper in Brooklyn.

Opened in 1974 by Mickey and Laura Adler both recovering alcoholics, O’DAAT was and still is a round the clock sober place. Originally, it’s soul purpose was a place for folks on the wagon to come and hang out, be around other sober people, and catch a meeting, and still have a good time.

As a place where people from all walks of life come in at all hours of the day and night, it’s always been the norm to see homeless having coffee with the elite, sometimes with the homeless person being the rich guy’s sponsor.

The inviting atmosphere began to catch the attention of other people besides those who try to do their 12 Steps and live their best lives.

In 1986, during a midnight meeting, a young man who called himself Bryan, at his first meeting and coming down from a long and hard road had a manifestation of pyrokinesis when a vampire infiltrating as a group member attempted to use a power on him for future feeding. The fire was fast and intense, the only casualty was ‘Julie’ who was incinerated.

The Adlers, understandably were shocked and scared, but they kept a welcoming spirit to even those who had gifts. Providing a place for support groups for those who don’t quite fit in where they can cope and even learn to control and develop their abilities in a safe environment.

The Adlers have long since retired, and the club has been given to the regulars. All of the finances are maintained by donations and contributions of those who come in, book keeping is done by volunteers, as is maintenance and janitorial work. The only positions that are paid employees are the cooks and the bartenders who also doorkeep, as one of the requirements of being a bartender at O’DAAT is reading Auras and being able to see who is mortal and who might be a danger to those seeking refuge.

Established: 1974
Location: Brooklyn
Owner: ...
Borough Brooklyn
Summary Temperance Bar
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